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Upfront Fares, explained

Learn how Upfront Fares are calculated, what new info you’ll get, and how they can help you earn more consistently throughout the day.

Why the move to Upfront Fares?

Because every trip should be your call. You’ll get more visibility and control over your earnings.

You’ll get extra info about each trip upfront so you can decide which rides are worth your time.

Upfront Fares adjust to what’s happening in real time to help you find more steady earning opportunities.

How are Upfront Fares calculated?

While most platforms are still calculating fares per minute and mile, at Uber, we know there’s more to a trip than its length and distance. So we built the technology to make it happen.

When calculating Upfront Fares, we take 3 key categories into account: details, demand, and data.

Trip details

The basic details of a trip will always factor into how Upfront Fares are calculated. These include:

  • Estimated trip length

  • Estimated trip duration

  • Pickup location

  • Dropoff location

Real-time demand

How much you can make is impacted by the current demand in your area. These include:

  • Surge pricing

  • How busy is it in your area

  • How busy is it at the destination

  • How likely are you to get another trip quickly

  • Traffic

Historic data

Key earnings trends and data help to create more accurate predictions. These include:

  • Areas with high and low demand

  • Areas with high and low earnings

  • Estimated demand at locations

  • Estimated demand at various times throughout the day

What you’ll see upfront

Make informed decisions about which rides you accept.

How much you’ll make, including surge pricing

Where you’ll go

Time and distance to pickup location

Time and distance to drop off location

Upfront Fares can be higher or lower than the pricing based on fixed time and distance rates. Why is this?

To create more consistent earning opportunities for everyone in the same area. We look at conditions by the second to make sure every offer you get is just as good as the ones you miss.

When changes happen

Technology can only predict so much. When unexpected traffic, construction, or extended wait times happen, you’ll get an automatic fare adjustment to help make it right.

The basics of tipping

Riders can tip you directly through the app for the service you provide. You can see total tips in your weekly summary. No service fees are applied to tips.

More earnings information

The app can help you be efficient with your time on the road.

  • What you can expect to make

    Earnings vary weekly and monthly. They depend on the number of trips you take, where and when you drive, and other factors. For a closer look at how earnings are calculated, go here.

  • Getting ahead with the app

    The app has powerful features to help you make the most of your time on the road. Trip Planner lets you see upcoming promotions and hourly trends to inform you of potential earning opportunities nearby.

  • Delivering with Uber

    You can increase your chances of getting more trips by turning on Uber Eats (if available in your area) during mealtimes.

  • Getting tipped for your service

    After every trip, riders can tip you directly in the app. Uber never applies a service fee to your tips.


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