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at Uber

The security organization at Uber is dedicated to enabling safe and secure innovation while protecting the communities we serve both online and in the physical world. Our teams are responsible for protecting both people and their data across intersections of the digital and physical world.

Why Security at Uber?

Security is at the core of Uber’s commitment to do the right thing, ensuring transparency, accountability, and integrity in everything we do.

Global Opportunities

Teams around the world work together to protect our customers, employees, and networks by scaling globally and solving locally.

Dynamic Impact

We have the unique opportunity to build solutions that have a direct impact on the everyday lives of millions of people in both the digital and physical world.

Security at Speed

As Uber steps into new markets or business ventures, our team follows suit, often as an integral partner in securing these new business opportunities.

Meet the team

  • Roche Janken

    Privacy Engineer, Engineering Security

    "From a technical and creative perspective, the problems we are solving at Uber are complex and challenging. Privacy Engineering is a huge part of Uber’s current initiatives so I get to work on impactful services that are used across the company.

    One of the things I love about working at Uber is that my manager and team empower me to grow in my career. I started working on mobile code when I arrived at Uber and was part of the team that landed privacy settings on both iOS and Android. I am proud of the features we launched, as giving users control over their data is important to our team.”

  • Ana Lorena Vigil

    Law Enforcement Outreach, Latin America

    “I have been lucky enough to represent Uber and lead education sessions with our driver-partners to heighten their awareness on human trafficking. I’m personally committed to safety and getting involved in making our communities safer!”

  • Charles Burns

    Head of Security, New Mobility

    “The true ability to build global programs to protect our people and enable the business to grow from the bottom up, make Uber a truly unique place to work. Our team has the can-do attitude, passion, and collaboration needed to mitigate risk globally. Everyone is pulling in the right direction to keep our fellow teammates at Uber safe.

    It makes me proud to know that I work on a team that is doing everything we can do to keep our people and brand safe in this challenging environment where all eyes are on our company.”


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    Global Security: Partnering to Help Build Safer Communities

    Every day, our technology puts millions of people together in cars in cities around the world. Helping keep people safe is a huge responsibility, and one we do not take lightly. That’s why we as a company have decided to partner with Crime Stoppers International. We want to keep our customers and our communities safe by giving riders and drivers an opportunity to report crime anonymously. By partnering with law enforcement and Crime Stoppers chapters across the globe, we hope to empower Uber users to help build safer communities. We know when it comes to safety, our work is never done, and we are committed to doing more”.

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    Engineering Security: Introducing the Uber SSH Certificate Authority

    At Uber, we needed something that was interoperable with our existing authorization protocols and could support issuing both user and host certificates. Nothing like this existed on the market, so we decided to write our own. We wrote it in Go because we felt it had the best SSH library support, including native support for certificates. The final solution became the Uber SSH Certificate Authority (USSHCA).

Explore our Security teams

Engineering Security

The primary objective for Uber Engineering Security team is to enable the technical ambitions of the company while maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy for our customers and partners. As cybersecurity threats evolve, so do we.

Global Security

Our mission is to keep our people safe. We monitor global events and incidents, assess risk, and identify threats. Using a data-driven, risk-based approach, we assign security support, allocate resources and design processes to protect our people and assets.

Law Enforcement Operations

Our mission is to is to make Uber the mobility platform that law enforcement trusts most; through global engagement, partnership, and response.

To keep our customers safe, Uber works closely with Law Enforcement departments across the globe. Our global Law Enforcement Operations team consists of highly motivated individuals who share a passion for safety and privacy.

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Engineering Security
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