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New Mobility

at Uber

The New Mobility organization is rapidly expanding the transportation services provided on the Uber platform, including electric bikes, scooters, transit, and more. Our vision is to identify, test, and scale the next generation of businesses.

Why New Mobility at Uber?

Big Opportunities

Help change the way people and things move while helping to create a positive impact on the environment and the cities we live in.

Your Impact & Reach

Design and implement solutions that are used by millions of our riders and driver-partners every day.

Smart Minds

Solve unique challenges alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Meet the team

  • Ashley Gates

    General Manager - Scooters, Atlanta

    "Uber is unique due to it being a fast-growing, moving, once in a lifetime company. When people say you are on a "rocket ship" they are not kidding. One day someone had an idea about delivering food and voila, Uber Eats was born. Now you see Uber taking a mindful approach to serving people with new mobilities across the world."

  • Jackson Morton

    Strategy & Planning

    "By expanding healthy, environmental-friendly modes that reduce congestion, we are having a meaningful and positive impact on the way people get around cities."

  • Nick Valentino

    General Manager, Washington DC

    “Being on the JUMP team reminds me of being on the Uber team four years ago. Micromobility is an exciting and new industry, but with the accelerated growth comes changing priorities, evolving regulations, and new problems every day. This has helped me learn to be comfortable in uncertainty, as truly no two days at JUMP are the same.”

  • Eric Li

    Sr. Software Engineer

    "The products we build and the challenges we solve make a real impact on everyone’s day-to-day life. The problems we solve are challenging, interesting, and rewarding."


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    Getting more people on JUMP bikes with our new design

    Read the story behind the next generation of JUMP’s iconic custom red bike. It has a handful of updates on the outside, and a brand new inside to make riding even more enjoyable.

  • link

    Uber Transit

    How Uber is partnering with transit agencies to integrate public transportation into the Uber app.

  • Introducing JUMP

    Introducing JUMP, your way to access and ride an electric bike, all within the Uber app.

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    JUMP Scooters

    A new way to get from A to B with JUMP Scooters.

Explore our New Mobility teams


JUMP is helping to build the future of urban mobility: shared electric vehicles that are the quickest, most enjoyable, and most empowering way to get around a city. Cheaper than most public transit and faster than cars in traffic, JUMP is a game-changer for local transportation.


All of us want cleaner, less-congested cities where everyone can move freely. In partnership with cities and transit agencies, the Uber Transit team is working to help make public transit more accessible and easier to use while reducing private car ownership.

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