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Working in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is home to one of Uber’s Engineering centers and a Center of Excellence (COE). Hyderabad Engineering has been established as an R&D center creating innovations and delivering global products impacting a large scale population of users. Hyderabad COE lives by the spirit of Uber - passion to solve problems in a way that no one would have thought before.

On-the-ground at Uber Hyderabad


Building at Uber Hyderabad

  • Uber offered this tech leader growth and balance

    Flexibility is at the core of who we are. “I joined in my third trimester and the flexibility my team and leadership gave me from the beginning helped me integrate my work-life priorities and grow both as a professional and as a mother,” shares Megha Yethadka, our Senior Director of Tech Program Management.

  • Uber values

    At Uber we’re reimagining the way the world moves for the better. We are helping people go anywhere and get anything. And we do it on a global scale, at the speed of now.

  • Our return to the office

    It’s still early days as we look to find the right long-term model for Uber, yet we want this to continue being a great place for our current and future employees, and that means adapting to different needs. Our hybrid work approach focuses on increased flexibility.


Teams reimagining at Uber Hyderabad

  • The Risk team ensures responsible growth for the many businesses within the Uber ecosystem. As we help to move real people, food, and things in 10,000+ cities across the world, it is our foremost priority to ensure that our users have a great experience when on the platform. This mission is enabled by a Knowledge and Decision Platform that mines over tens of thousands of machine learning features from 100s of PBs of data to make billions of decisions per day in real-time as users are interacting with our products on the platform. The solutions hosted are an expansive mix of ML models, handcrafted rules, a sophisticated control plane, and an innovative human-in-the-loop feedback system that taps into human intelligence to continuously improve the accuracy and efficacy of the system.

  • The FinTech team builds technology for Uber’s Financial Planning, Forecasting & Analysis, Cost optimization, Revenue computation, Payables management, and global tax calculation. Our technology enables automation of monthly closing of books, quarterly wall street reporting, provides Billing (Invoices, Receipts) services to earners, and helps to ensure regulatory compliance worldwide. This requires building and operating large-scale distributed systems, integrating with best-of-breed products, and building a simple customer experience on multiple surfaces. The FinTech micro services processes transactions from billions of trips taken every year, handling millions of transactions per minute to compute accounting entries and close our books accurately.

  • Payments Compliance owns systems responsible for ensuring that all money movements are Compliant with payment laws, including Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws and E-Money License regulations globally. Compliance checks such as Payment Profile Verification, Business Verification, Sanctions/PEP screening are performed for spenders and earners on the Uber platform. The team helps onboard millions of users on our platform in the European region adhering to PSD2 compliance and is also responsible to cater payments compliance needs globally.

  • Uber Payment Gateway is responsible for payments both collections and disbursements globally for all Uber Lines of Businesses, across our wide spectrum of Users (Spenders & Earners on Uber Marketplace platform). More than 110 Million active earners & spenders interact on Uber’s marketplaces on a monthly basis and more than 20 Million orders will be fulfilled on the platform daily. Needless to say, we operate at an incredible scale.

    As digital money adoption evolves across the globe, unlocking various favorite digital payment methods for our earners & spenders is an interesting & challenging design & engineering problem. We are building a world-class payment gateway powered by direct connections (partnering with payment providers/networks across the globe), AI-based routing technologies with smart retries, scalable API framework with low latencies & high throughput, redundancy rails along user-intuitive payments checkout experiences.

    We are on a mission to empower and further accelerate the incredible growth of Uber through money-movement innovations making the money movement experience as magical & processing these money movements as meticulously in real-time as possible.

  • Uber Eats is available in thousands of cities across 45 countries and is growing. The Uber Eats Technology team works on making a positive impact to 45 countries through innovation. Our mission is to help users get items beyond just food, scaling from access to food delivery to all types of local commerce. We are working on innovations to improve our experiences for delivery people, restaurants, and users.

  • The IT Engineering team helps run Uber globally. Our mission is to enhance Uber’s corporate speed, reliability, and worker happiness by building products, integrations, and platforms. You will work closely with a team of highly capable engineers, data scientists, designers, and product managers to ensure Uber's internal products and platforms provide a powerful and innovative business advantage.

    IT Engineering in India consists of different enterprise groups within Uber-like Core Infra & Corporate Systems, Talent Enablement, Revenue Enablement & Employee Collaboration & Productivity Tools.

    The scale and efficiency at which Uber helps to bridge the needs of the physical world with the digital world is unparalleled. It is one of the most diverse groups in terms of the breadth of technologies ranging from Enterprise SaaS Applications, Security, IAM Platforms, CRM platforms, HRIS Systems, Search & Collaboration platforms, Integration platforms, Data & Analytics Platforms.

  • Global Scaled Solutions runs scaled programs for multiple Uber products and businesses including Rides, Eats, Freight, Advanced technologies, etc., and drives efficiencies and quality across areas. The team transforms Uber's best ideas into agile, global solutions.

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