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Step 3: Existing User? Enable Uber Central

Uber Central is a customer rides program that you enable from your Uber for Business dashboard. If you didn’t enable Uber Central when creating your Uber for Business account, follow the steps below.

How to enable Uber Central

To enable Uber Central on your Uber for Business account, first create a customer rides program. Later, you’ll create a group for people who will have coordinator access.

1. Create a program

Go to the Programs section of your dashboard and select a customer rides program beneath “Popular Programs.”

2. Choose its purpose

Select how the program will be used. You can edit the program’s name and description and set rules for the program later.

3. Activate the program

When you’re ready, click the toggle button next to “Not Active” to activate the program. The button will appear green when activated.

4. Set program rules

You can set rules for the program to limit which vehicle types coordinators can request.