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Step 1: Create an Uber for Business account

To set up Uber Central, you’ll first need to create an Uber for Business account. For more detailed steps on setting up your business account, see the travel and meals guide.

How to set up your business account

Have your work email and personal Uber login credentials ready, then follow the steps below.

1. Create your business account

Make sure to enroll in Uber for Business using your work email address. After enrolling, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your existing Uber account (if you have one). This will allow you to easily switch between business and personal rides.

2. Verify your email

Verify your work email address to activate your Uber for Business account. You’ll be prompted to agree to our Terms and Conditions.

3. Set up a program

You’ll be directed to set up a courtesy rides program to enable Uber Central. Give the program a name and description, and establish rules for the program if you need to. (You can skip this step and enable Uber Central later.)

4. Set up billing

Select a payment method or add a new one (expect a temporary authorization hold). You can connect your expense management system later. After you’ve arranged a few rides, you’ll have the option to be billed monthly instead of per trip.