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Simplify your expense reports with platform integrations

We’ve partnered with leading expense providers to help businesses save time and improve employee satisfaction.

Connected with the world’s leading expense providers

Perficient streamlined its employees’ corporate travel expensing process with Uber for Business and SAP Concur.

Benefits of linking your preferred expense provider

Automated expensing

Employee ride and meal receipts will flow directly into your expense provider dashboard. Save time tracking down receipts.

Easy policy adherence

You’ll have the option to prompt employees to select an expense code from a list before requesting a ride or meal.

Seamless employee onboarding

Automatically add new team members to your Uber for Business account by syncing with your expense providers’ employee roster.

Control costs and set permissions in our dashboard

Learn how our dashboard helps businesses manage billing, control account privileges, gain visibility into program spending, and more—all from a central dashboard.

Your business is going places. We’re here to help.

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