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Feed your employees to fuel results

Delight your employees by having their favorite meals delivered anywhere they work.

With Uber for Business, you can create meal policies for every work occasion–from individual lunches to late-night meals.

Their favorite meals, delivered anywhere they work

Reliable meal options

Help your employees feel motivated, engaged, and connected on the job. Let them use Uber Eats on the web or through the app to get their meals delivered wherever they work.

No-contact deliveries

It's easy to have food left at their doorstep at home or the office. Plus, delivery people are provided with sanitization materials, so your employees can feel confident about food safety.

Simple billing for easier expenses

Manage meal policies and set budgets and rules, all within one unified dashboard. Easily integrate all receipts with your expensing system and receive a dedicated account manager and 24/7 support.

Treat anyone to their favorite meals with vouchers

Go the extra mile by treating your clients, guests, or employees to Uber Eats with added flexibility, and pay only for what they order. Set spending caps and easily distribute vouchers to motivate a customer, give a one-time reward, or simply say thank you.

It’s hard to do great work on an empty stomach

Keep productivity high by letting employees order meals to the office from a simple mobile app. Going beyond the stale, routine spots helps attract and retain talent, minimize travel time, and keep your team moving.

Any meal, any time

Opportunities for team building happen over good food. Nourish your whole team within budget by setting ordering time windows, spending limits, and delivery locations so they continue doing their best work.

Meals on the road

Keep your travelers happy by serving dinner options beyond their hotel room. Let them choose what they want to eat and have it delivered with a few taps, all while making it easy to track and expense.

Get the whole team around the table

Bring the party to work. Now you can order any of your local favorites, so everyone is fed at office meetings, celebrations, and customer events.

Solving office hunger, one delivery at a time