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DRAIVER teams with Uber and uses API to save 30%

Every day, vehicle-related businesses across the country face a big question: What is the most efficient, cost-effective way to deliver cars and trucks that have been rented or sold to customers located dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of miles away? The task is more complicated than it seems. Variables include traffic, distance, weather, resources, and volume of vehicles.

DRAIVER is a vehicle delivery logistics company that serves fleet owners, auto dealers, repair facilities, car-share companies, and rental companies. “Our customers may need to service vehicles, move them from railhead to dealerships, or reposition fleets,” says Zarif Haque, CEO, DRAIVER.

The company needed a seamless way to sync driver ride requests with job orders, and this is where Uber came in.

Streamlining logistics to save time and costs

While DRAIVER leverages AI and machine learning technology to auto-dispatch vehicles across a city or region, the driver-reposition and trip-arrangement system proved to be a tough challenge due to the logistics involved.

Uber offers APIs to customers who need increased efficiencies, cost tracking, and integration with their existing workflows. Haque’s staff worked closely with the Uber for Business development team to provide detailed input on the Uber API to help meet their needs. The resulting integration enables people to request rides with Uber within the DRAIVER app. This makes it easy for the DRAIVER’s team to get rides back after dropping off vehicles.

“In the past, if a driver took a vehicle to a location and dropped it off, another employee was needed to come get the person,” says Haque. “Now the system automatically requests a ride with Uber, and the drivers don’t need to have their own Uber account or a credit card to take advantage of it.”

The integration also enables the DRAIVER team to:

  • Directly schedule and cancel rides with Uber within the DRAIVER app
  • Automatically indicate their exact geographic coordinates through a location pin dropper, making it easier for them to be located for pickup by their driver
  • Leverage route-specific cost estimates and retrieve receipts
  • Access clear and robust single- and multiple-ride details, including route-specific costs that can be passed back to customers
  • Quickly add multiple new drivers simultaneously to the DRAIVER platform
  • Use enhanced flexibility and customization options Increasing efficiencies through API integration

The integration saves DRAIVER 30% versus the cost required for their own team to provide return rides.¹ The increased automation boosts the DRAIVER team’s productivity and helps raise the volume of business the company can handle.

“With the Uber API integration, DRAIVER is able to take advantage of new efficiencies in the way we connect drivers to opportunities,” says Haque. “Uber has been a fantastic partner in this whole endeavor, and we appreciate that their team could help with such a specific use case.”

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¹The 30% cost savings is versus DRAIVER using their own contracted drivers (in major metro areas for trips within 50 miles) for return rides.

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