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Arrange courtesy rides for your guests

Request rides on behalf of your customers and guests with Uber Central to get them where they need to go.

Harness the power of Uber for your customers

Enhance your customer service

Show your customers you care by arranging their rides to get them where they need to go.

Spend less time coordinating

Spend more time focusing on your business. Arrange rides from one dashboard and let Uber's technology handle moving your customers.

Offer rides for all

Click on a button, get a ride for your customers and guests. They don't even need the Uber app.

Provide guests with a personal touch

Courtesy rides for your guests keep them moving—and coming back. Stand out by offering exceptional service experiences for the people who matter most to your business.

Get your guests where they need to go

Arranging courtesy rides is as simple as 1-2-3.

First: schedule a pickup

Enter your guest’s information and a pickup location into the web dashboard. We’ll take it from there.

Next: rider and driver connect

Your guest will receive texts to let them know who’s picking them up and when their ride will arrive.

All set: see live trip progress

Follow along from the web when your guest is on the way, and get an estimated time of arrival.

A premium service for valued guests

Showing your guests that you really care depends on your business providing thoughtful, comfortable experiences. Offer rides to both customers and VIP guests to make them feel special and keep them coming back.

More time moving, less time waiting

Reduce costs and wait times associated with managing a shuttle or fleet of vehicles by arranging rides for your guests. Only pay for the rides you need, when you need them.

Swoop in to save the day

When your customer is in a bind and without their own wheels, you can play the hero by requesting a ride with Uber for pickup and getting them on their way with less stress.

“Uber Central has drastically changed the way we do business everyday. I can’t imagine not having it anymore.”

-Alicia Sarabia, Director of Administration Pacific BMW

Extend your customer service door-to-door

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