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Uber’s Climate Assessment and Performance Report

Our first-ever report detailing climate-related impacts of passenger trips on the Uber app also highlights our company’s challenges and opportunities for helping people everywhere move more sustainably.

The environmental impact of Uber’s platform matters, and it is our responsibility to take action to improve it. We developed our first impact report based on the real-world use of our products in order to provide greater transparency and improve our climate performance.

“Progress starts with taking a serious look at where we stand today and sharing results to drive accountability. That’s why we’re releasing this first-ever Climate Assessment and Performance Report, making Uber the only mobility company and one of the first companies ever to measure and report on emissions from customers’ real-world use of its products.”

—Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, Uber

Decarbonizing transportation

All vehicles—including those used by drivers on Uber’s platform—have a climate impact. We aim to develop technologies to help cities and Uber decrease transportation emissions.

Uber’s commitments

Among other goals, we’re working toward enabling 100% of rides on the Uber platform globally by 2040 to be in vehicles with no tailpipe emissions, such as electric vehicles, bikes, scooters, and public transit.

Advocacy and partnerships

The findings from this report will help our work with governments, industry, environmental groups, and others to identify major ways to guide policymaking and drive more efficient mobility.

Insights and case studies

  • Case study: Comparing carbon intensity across urban travel modes in Los Angeles

  • Case study: Network growth and efficiency improvements in San Francisco, 2013-2019

  • Case study: Urban area zoom-in: impact metrics from trips in Los Angeles and San Francisco

  • Case study: Fuel efficiency of vehicles serving trips on Uber

  • Case study: Electrifying trips on Uber: progress and challenges


Frequently asked questions

This page and the related Climate Assessment and Performance Report (“the report”) contain forward-looking statements regarding our future business expectations and goals, which involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from the results anticipated. For more information, please see our report.