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Doing the right thing. Period.

“It’s important to remember that it’s not just what we will accomplish that matters—how we succeed, and our personal and professional conduct along the way, matters just as much. We expect all Uber employees to accept certain responsibilities and exhibit a high degree of integrity at all times.”

Tony West, Chief Legal Officer, Uber

Ethics and integrity

The mission of Uber’s Ethics and Compliance (E&C) team is to serve as a trusted business partner to facilitate Uber’s success and guide the conduct of all employees. We do this by:


  • Fostering and enabling a culture of ethical decision-making
  • Guiding the Uber workforce to comply with all applicable laws, policies, and regulations

               Scott Schools, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Uber

Independently verified

Under Scott's leadership, Uber has earned the coveted Compliance Leader Verification.

Programs with a purpose

Our E&C team works hand in hand with Uber Legal to build and maintain a comprehensive and continuous program of policies, processes, and controls to prevent, detect, and respond to conduct that is unlawful, is unethical, or violates Uber’s policies.

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery

Engage lawfully with third parties and government officials.

Conflicts of interest

Avoid situations where personal interests could interfere with professional duties.

Interaction with Public Officials

Comply with rules of engagement while interacting with public officials.

Healthcare compliance

Facilitate compliance with federal and state laws and contract obligations.

Global trade compliance

Commit to complying with global trade controls.

Supply chain compliance

Educate and assess the integrity of suppliers and third parties.

Competitive intelligence

Ethically obtain leading market insights.

Operations compliance

Enable adherence to standard operating procedures.

Employee engagement

A core component of the Ethics and Compliance (E&C) Program at Uber is to encourage all employees to “Stand up, Speak up”:

To each other and for each other. We are a community and are better together working for one goal: the success of Uber. As members of this community, we need to look out for one another and stand up when a team member needs it. Uber employees are made aware of their responsibilities as potential bystanders and are assured that retaliation for intervening, reporting, or supporting an investigation is strictly prohibited.

To internal Uber teams. We enable all of our teams to interact with their colleagues within an ethical framework.

To the Integrity Helpline. Uber’s Integrity Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in most languages. Reports can be filed by phone or online and can be anonymous.

We recognize employees and managers who have elevated and maintained their ethical wisdom and legal knowledge. When they complete essential compliance curricula, we award these Ethics Champions with badges, special events, and performance support.

Integrity Helpline

Uber's Integrity Helpline is a confidential reporting service for violations of law or of internal policies at the company. The Integrity Helpline is hosted by an independent third party, and reports may be done anonymously. Incoming reports are triaged and directed to the proper team for investigation. Uber does not allow any sort of retaliation for good-faith reports.

When to use the Integrity Helpline

  • Corruption or bribery
  • Anticompetitive or antitrust practices
  • Accounting or auditing irregularities
  • Expense report fraud
  • Discrimination, bullying, or retaliation
  • Workplace harassment or violence
  • Theft or fraud
  • Other ethical or policy violations

When not to use the Integrity Helpline

  • As a customer support channel
  • As a driver/delivery person support channel
  • As an ombudsman
  • If you’re a public authority wanting to request data from Uber
  • If you want to report vulnerabilities in the Uber platform

Healthcare compliance

Healthcare compliance is integral to enabling teams to prevent, detect, investigate, mitigate, and appropriately report suspected noncompliance with applicable healthcare and privacy laws and regulations plus federal healthcare program requirements, including fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA). The Uber Health Compliance Program Plan promotes compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and contractual obligations. It also outlines the key components of Uber’s healthcare compliance program.

Trade compliance

Uber is committed to complying with global trade controls across exports, customs/imports, and anti-boycott regulations in every country where we do business. We do this in order to protect our intellectual property, cross-border operations, national security, and product quality.

Supply chain compliance

As a condition of doing business with Uber and partnering in our mission, we expect our suppliers to share in our commitment to doing the right thing, period. To ensure that we’re choosing the right suppliers, we vet all prospective suppliers as part of our onboarding process to assess risk and evaluate their record of compliance and operating within the bounds of the law and integrity.