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Veterans at Uber

Veterans at Uber is Uber's community for military veterans, retirees, reservists, National Guard, and their families and supporters from their respective countries.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower Uber to source, hire, develop, and support top-tier veteran and military spouse talent across the organization to improve business outcomes. Our network facilitates veteran outreach, camaraderie, and mentorship opportunities around the veteran community. We also strive to raise awareness within the company about our Veterans, their issues and contributions to the company.

What we stand for


Raise cultural awareness across Uber of our communities, both internally and externally, of veterans as well as military spouses.


Contribute to the career growth of veterans and military spouses at Uber, by providing opportunities for mentorship, leadership, and professional development.


Positively impact communities of veterans and military spouses in the cities we serve, by honoring their service and engaging with them in meaningful ways.


Improve business outcomes for Uber by fostering top veteran and military spouse talent internally and by driving positive sentiment toward Uber and platform engagement through strategic business partnerships, public relations, and community engagement.

Featured members



Increased awareness

In an effort to increase employee awareness of our ERG, the ERG leadership team presented our ERG, mission, priorities, and objectives at an Uber Global All Hands. Additionally, we successfully published a Veterans Day blog post highlighting veteran driver-partners and an internal US email highlighting veterans in the workplace.

Resources and recruiting

In 2017, we established a partnership with the DoD and an outside military transition firm to source, recruit, and train separating military service members during their last 6 months of active duty by bringing them in to Uber for hands-on experience in the civilian tech world. The initiative led to 9 transitioning veterans participating in a fellowship in Security, Freight, Elevate, Rides, and JUMP, with 2 individuals ultimately hired by Uber who are members of the team today: Brendan Morin and Abdullah Albyati. They join many other veterans and military spouses who are contributing to Uber’s mission around the globe.