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Interfaith at Uber

Interfaith at Uber is a group dedicated to empowering those with religious or spiritual beliefs and cultures to be their authentic selves at Uber.

Our mission

The Interfaith ERG’s mission is to provide a community of support, promotion, inclusion, and validation for spiritual culture and religious expression to improve mutual respect, communication, and understanding within Uber and across the tech community.


Interfaith at Uber is committed to empowering people of faith or spiritual belief and cultures to show up authentically, both personally and professionally, within Uber and beyond.


We advise Uber on the impact of business decisions on our community, as well as providing education to managers to help them best support those with spiritual beliefs, customs, and cultures to do their best work.


Uber seeks to be as diverse as the world in which it engages. Interfaith at Uber advises the company on ways to best serve the diverse needs of our community—in their homes, offices, or places of worship.


We exist to serve our community and our company by increasing visibility, understanding, and belonging at Uber.

Featured members


Formation of the ERG

With the help of leaders and members across 3 religious-affiliated ERGs, a new ERG was created to broaden the vision and mission while still retaining the unique charters of the previous ERGs (now called chapters).

Community service

As a faith-based ERG, philanthropy is core to our mission and values. So far in 2019, the ERG helped supply a team of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh with sports equipment and matched member donations toward supporting victims of the terrible New Zealand tragedy.

Chapter events

We continue to support our chapter programming. Our Shalom group hosted a Purim event across multiple offices, and our Grace group hosted a wonderful Easter praise night with bands and speakers.