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Аеропорт Сантос-Дюмон (SDU)

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How to get picked up at SDU Airport


Request when you’re ready to walk outside

And choose a ride option that suits your needs.


Confirm your pickup location

Select the venue you would like to be picked up at: the Uber Lounge or the airport departure entrance. Once you’ve selected a venue, confirm your request.


Чекайте водія

Head to the selected venue to meet your driver. If you can't find your driver, contact him or her through the app.

Popular destinations in Rio de Janeiro

Uber can get you from:*

  • SDU to Copacabana, starting at R$17
  • SDU to Sugarloaf, starting at R$15
  • SDU to Barra da Tijuca, starting at R$61
  • SDU to Maracanã, starting at R$21
  • SDU to Leblon, starting at R$25

Rides to SDU Airport

Getting an Uber ride to Santos Dumont Airport is as easy as requesting a ride and setting your destination to SDU.

Driving with Uber at SDU

Learn how to pick up and drop off riders at Santos Dumont (SDU) Airport.

Їдете в інший аеропорт?

Водії-партнери Uber здійснюють посадку й висадку пасажирів у більш ніж 300 аеропортах світу. Отримайте інформацію про потрібні аеропорти.

Uber pickup lounge

Next to the airport, at Bossa Nova Mall, you can access the Uber Lounge. Riders can request their ride and relax until the car arrives. Our lounge has water, wifi, and charging stations, so you can hydrate and recharge.

У потрібному місці в потрібний час

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