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Microtransit, powered by Uber

“This is a real game changer, particularly in rural America. We provide a significant number of our trips to non-ambulatory individuals. It’s really opened a lot of doors.”

Microtransit scales to fit your needs

Option 1: Pair Uber technology with your fleet

Option 2: Leverage Uber’s network of vehicles

Option 3: Get the most out of Uber’s platform with a hybrid model

Plus, feature your agency’s services in the Uber app

Microtransit examples making a big impact

Pelivan Transit connected rural communities through 21 service zones and increased ridership 3x

Porterville Transit used ADA-accessible electric vans to support 3 trips per supply hour and 70% driver utilization

Marin Transit made riding easier by bringing microtransit into the Uber app for convenient trip mapping and booking

Tell us a little about your agency to get things rolling