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at Uber

Design is different here. We come to work each day inspired by the future and eager to be a part of it.

Why Design at Uber?

Improve Cities

Every project at Uber begins in an effort to improve both cities and the lives of people who live in them.

Seek Big Opportunities

Technology moves quickly. So do we. We design with the long view in mind: what does this mean in five years? In ten? By focusing on the future, we open up exciting opportunities.

Experiment With Design

With every project, we learn more about what works. We test our assumptions constantly to make sure not only that our designs work, but that they continue to improve.

Be Impactful

Our designs are used by millions around the world every day. We try hard to simplify and improve our customers’ lives.

Make Magic

Every experience should be magic. When people use our apps, we want them to wonder how they ever lived without them.

Meet the team

  • Amritha Prasad

    Product Design Manager

    "We’re designing experiences that don’t exist yet. Because of that, we’re constantly innovating and improving what we’re making. It’s an amazing challenge, and it’s also incredibly rewarding.”

  • Adil Dhanani

    Senior Product Designer

    “As designers at Uber we work with different personalities on a day-to-day basis. Working with these different people causes you to consider your approach. How can I work best with this kind of product manager, engineer or designer? People have different ways of working and communicating.”

  • Annie Adams

    UX Writer

    “UX writing at Uber is a close-knit team comprised of the best short-form writers you'll meet. There's always someone willing to review copy, jam on what makes a tone conversational, or talk grammar over ice cream sandwiches. ”

  • Molly Stevens

    Head of UX Research

    "Our mission is to create insights about people and the world, and use those insights to impact both near term product development and innovation for the future."

  • Eduardo Gómez Ruiz

    Global UX Researcher

    “My work and life are best connected when I am both learning and having fun—this job allows me to do both of these constantly. I get paid to learn, travel and find out about people’s lives and their interactions with technology.”

  • Jenny Morrice

    Design Program Manager

    “Uber enables every single employee to be part of the success of our company, by ensuring that our partners and customers are central to every decision we make. I feel immensely proud when I tell my daughters what Uber does and how I get to play a role in this.”

  • Etienne Fang

    UX Research Strategist

    “I’m mindful–and grateful–that no research project I’ve undertaken has ever left me unchanged.”


Explore our Design teams

Brand Design

Our team creates the architecture behind Uber’s global identity. We launch campaigns and design standards that give Uber a cohesive look and feel. Our team includes designers, producers, copywriters, illustrators, and videographers.

Marketing Design

Our team of marketing professionals creates emails, social posts, websites, and digital ads to benefit our rider and driver communities. We use data to inform and iterate on our designs, and we’re proud of our industry-leading response rates.

Product Design

We’re constantly inventing, iterating, and increasing transportation opportunities. As a diverse team of researchers, program managers, designers, writers, and design engineers, we’re focused on improving current features and imagining new futures for our technology through magical user experiences.

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