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Our commitment to improving pickups

We want to take the stress out of your pickup, so we’re adding features that make it easier for you and your driver to find each other.

A quick, easy way to communicate with your driver

Pickup Messages

Pickup Messages make it easy for you to let your driver know how to spot you, or to give a quick update on your status. Sending a message is as easy as sending a text, and there are ready-to-go messages like “Be right there” that you can send with a tap. Plus, messages are read aloud to your driver from the app, helping them to stay focused on driving.

Stand out from the crowd


Spotlight helps your driver find you in crowded areas or late at night. Just tap the Spotlight button in the Uber app and hold it in the direction your driver will arrive. Your phone will light up with a preselected color, and your driver will be notified of what to look out for—making your pickup even easier.

Get picked up on time, or get credits toward your next ride.

On-time scheduled pickups. Guaranteed.

Whether you have an early flight or an important meeting, schedule your ride in advance to be certain you’ll leave on time. Our on-time guarantee means that when you schedule a ride at least 30 minutes in advance, your ride will arrive within the 10-minute window you choose, or we’ll give you credits toward your next ride.

Show drivers right where you’re waiting

Live Location Sharing

With Live Location Sharing, you can easily share your real-time location with your driver. Just tap the Live Location button in the Uber app to send a more accurate location signal as you move to your pickup spot. Now pickups are easier when drivers have a better sense of where you are.

Moving forward

Writing Uber’s next chapter

We’re listening to riders and drivers, changing our company from within, and working with cities to improve transportation.