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贈送 Uber 禮物卡

禮物卡是公司感謝顧客和獎勵團隊的絕佳方式。使用我們的企業入口網站,即可一次購買 10 張以上的禮物卡。

不好意思,您所在國家/地區目前無法使用 Uber 禮物卡。




Give friends and family the gift of tapping a button and getting a ride—any time of the day, any day of the year—in 10,000+ cities globally.


Uber gift cards can also be used for Uber Eats orders. Enjoy food from thousands of restaurants in cities around the world.



禮物卡是感謝顧客和獎勵團隊的絕佳方式。使用我們的企業入口網站,即可一次購買 10 張以上的禮物卡。


您可以在合作零售商店購買金額 $15 起的 Uber 禮物卡。

在 App 中立即贈送

To send a gift card instantly from your app to a friend or family member’s app, choose Send a gift in the Account section of the Uber and Uber Eats apps.

How to redeem your gift card

Download the Uber or Uber Eats app if you're not currently an Uber user.

Open the Account section and select Wallet.

Choose + Add Funds in the Uber Cash card.

Select Gift card.

Enter your gift code and choose Add.


  • Gift cards apply Uber Cash or Uber credits (depending on your location) to an Uber account. To redeem a gift card in the Uber and Uber Eats apps:

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of whichever app you’re using
    2. Open the Account section and select Wallet
    3. Choose + Add Funds in the Uber Cash card
    4. Then select Gift Card
    5. Enter your PIN/gift code (with no spaces)
    6. Choose Add

    Once a gift card is added to an Uber account, it can’t be transferred.

    You can add multiple gift cards to an Uber account (but you cannot reload a gift card after it has been purchased). Each Uber account can hold a maximum of $2,000 in total gift card value. As you use up your credits, you can add more.

  • Once redeemed, your Uber gift card is applied to your Uber Cash or Uber credits balance, which can be used during checkout on Uber or Uber Eats.

    When you check out on Uber or Uber Eats, your Uber Cash or Uber credits balance will likely already be chosen as your primary way to pay. If not, choose your selected payment method (for example, a credit card) to switch between payment methods before you check out. Switch on the toggle to ensure that your Uber Cash or Uber credits are always used first.

    If your Uber Cash or Uber credits are not completely used up, the remaining balance can be applied to your next ride or order.

  • 禮物卡有一些使用限制:

    1. 已兌換禮物卡的使用地區,僅限接受與卡片當初核發相同貨幣付款的國家/地區。
    2. 禮物卡金額無法用於家庭基本資料、預訂行程或大學校園卡行程。
  • 請前往客服中心閱讀更多 Uber 禮物卡資訊。