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Our commitment to community


Today’s communities face an unprecedented set of challenges. And while technology by itself isn't the solution, when it's done right—and combined with good partnerships—it has the potential to contribute to a better world for all.


“We’re excited to be one of Uber's early partners to mitigate traffic congestion and improve infrastructure.”


Muriel Bowser, Mayor, Washington, DC

我們擁有超過 100 億趟行程資料,能夠協助都市規劃人員設計出符合未來需求的城市。


為協助降低巴西每年 400,000 件的道路事故,巴拉納競技俱樂部的足球員已與 Uber 攜手宣導開車時不宜傳送訊息。


Unique backgrounds and diverse perspectives are not only celebrated but also put to use, helping to build resources that connect users and make life easier for people in the 60+ countries where Uber is available.

無論是為少數族群的使用者提供協助,或是讓日常生活變得更簡便,只要 Uber 網際網路系統能讓更多人接觸使用,就可以創造改變。

“Uber is the single best advancement for the mobility of blind people in the past decade.”


Mike May, Former President, the Lighthouse for the Blind




“Sustainability is integral to the success of our business.”


Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, Uber

Uber's environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report shows how, through core business and social impact activities, we help make real life easier to navigate for everyone.