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Program Interfaith at Uber

Interfaith at Uber is a group dedicated to empowering those with religious or spiritual beliefs and cultures to be their authentic selves at Uber.

Our mission

The Interfaith ERG’s mission is to provide a community of support, promotion, inclusion, and validation for spiritual culture and religious expression to improve mutual respect, communication, and understanding within Uber and across the tech community.


Interfaith at Uber is committed to empowering people of faith or spiritual belief and cultures to show up authentically, both personally and professionally, within Uber and beyond.


We advise Uber on the impact of business decisions on our community, as well as providing education to managers to help them best support those with spiritual beliefs, customs, and cultures to do their best work.


Uber seeks to be as diverse as the world in which it engages. Interfaith at Uber advises the company on ways to best serve the diverse needs of our community—in their homes, offices, or places of worship.


We exist to serve our community and our company by increasing visibility, understanding, and belonging at Uber.

Featured members

  • Devin Hutchings

    Senior Performance Marketing Manager

    I joined Uber in 2015 in the Marketing department and have worked on various projects to help grow Uber’s users. I’m an active member of my religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and it has always been a part of who I am since I was young. Religion and spirituality are not always easy to manage at work. Having an ERG where people can talk about this and feel supported is a key part of diversity and inclusion. The best part of Interfaith at Uber is supporting each religion or culture or belief and finding the common thread we all have.

  • TJ Blease

    Senior Associate, Business Development, Music and Entertainment

    TJ joined Uber in March 2014 and currently manages film and television partnerships on the Brand Business Development team. TJ feels extremely grateful for the opportunities Uber has provided him and feels a responsibility to do his part in making Uber the best place to work possible. As a Christian, TJ understands the importance of religious and spiritual beliefs and is dedicated to ensuring that people from all backgrounds feel they can bring their authentic selves to work.

  • Tyler Spitz

    Senior Central Operations Manager

    In my 2 and a half years at Uber, I have been passionately involved in ERGs. I find that it’s important for everyone to find a place or group at work where they feel they can bring their whole self to work every single day. While our previous religious-affiliated ERGs made everyone feel very comfortable, we saw an opportunity to broaden the focus to bringing everyone from different groups together to build a strong community around the world. This new Interfaith at Uber ERG aims to do that, and I’m extremely passionate about making it happen. While I identify as Jewish, I’m making sure to support every chapter every day and get to know each faith on a deeper level.

  • Maysem Alsaidi

    Head of Contract Pricing, Uber Freight

    I joined Uber Freight in February of 2017. As I navigated my way around the Uber Freight org and Uber as a whole, I realized that participating in ERGs is extremely important. Not only does it allow you to feel connected to various parts of the org, but it also offers an outlet for team members to discuss and raise awareness about multiple Diversity & Inclusion topics, such as religion, which is imperative to Uber’s success. Being Muslim is a fundemental part of who I am, and the Interfaith ERG allows me the opportunity to share my beliefs with others, as well as learn about other religions that I may not be as familiar with. It allows us to find a common ground and to have a greater understanding of those around us.

  • Waleed Kadous

    Executive sponsor, Principal Engineer

    Dr. Waleed Kadous leads Engineering Strategy in the Office of the CTO, where he focuses on engineering-wide architecture and cultural efforts as well as looking at technology investments over the 2-to-4-year time frame that could make a material difference to Uber. He was previously an academic in Australia, where he worked on projects like recognizing Australian Sign Language and deploying robots into disaster sites to help rescue victims. He's been active in the Muslim community, including founding a civil rights organization in the aftermath of overly broad anti-terror laws, and leading both local and national university Muslim associations. He also answers people's questions on Quora (where he has received multiple Top Writer awards) on topics like Islam, artificial intelligence, and 3D printing.



Formation of the ERG

With the help of leaders and members across 3 religious-affiliated ERGs, a new ERG was created to broaden the vision and mission while still retaining the unique charters of the previous ERGs (now called chapters).

Community service

As a faith-based ERG, philanthropy is core to our mission and values. So far in 2019, the ERG helped supply a team of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh with sports equipment and matched member donations toward supporting victims of the terrible New Zealand tragedy.

Chapter events

We continue to support our chapter programming. Our Shalom group hosted a Purim event across multiple offices, and our Grace group hosted a wonderful Easter praise night with bands and speakers.