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Ženy Uberu

Employee resource group

Women of Uber is the community at Uber for women, gender non-binary employees, and allies

Our goal

Our mission is to promote the advancement of women at Uber and beyond by building a global community, accelerating professional development, and partnering across the company to attract & retain top talent.

Our north star goal to track progress against this mission is to increase the representation of women in leadership roles at Uber globally.


We launched our peer coaching program last year and have over 900 people in our database


In November we launched The Bolt, an external platform for the WoU community to share empowering stories and improve the Uber reputation.

Internal communications

In 2017 we sent out 25 editions of our biweekly global newsletter to an audience of over 2200 employees around the world, keeping them informed of events, resources, and community news.