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Lease a car in Sweden

Get into a car and start making money in Sweden. Leasing is a convenient option to buying a car. No need to think about unexpected costs with a fixed monthly cost. Other options are also available.

Why lease?

Benefits of leasing

Pay less, get more

Leasing is a great way to get a brand new car while keeping monthly costs down.

Stay flexible

If your circumstances change you can return the car. This may incur extra fees.

Buy in the end

Most leases give you the option to buy the car outright at the end of the lease.

Get started

Hit the road

1. Follow the link for contact information

Below you will find a list of available leasing options. Follow the link for contact details.

2. Take part of the deal

Apply for a leasing deal by sending in required documents.

3. Sign the contract

If your applicaiton is successful, you can:

  • Choose the make and color of the vehicle you want
  • Sign your leasing agreement and pay the initiation fee
What's available?

Leasing deals

Only in Stockholm


A special offer for you who drives with Uber in Stockholm. Follow the link below to take part of the deal.

Need a vehicle?

Choose what's right for you

Buy a car

Save money on a car you can call your own. Contact us to see current vehicle deals.

Drive for a Fleet Partner

Driving for a fleet means you don’t have to buy your own car or apply for a taxi operating license (taxitrafiktillstånd). If you have a taxi driver's license, we can help you connect to people who own a fleet of vehicles you can use.

Drive with Uber in Sweden