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Eric Kee

Eric received his PhD with adviser Hany Farid at Dartmouth College, where he studied physics-based vision and image forensics. As a postdoc, he studied computational imaging under adviser Shree Nayar at Columbia University. After Columbia, Eric joined the Facebook computational imaging group and a graphics and simulation startup, Avametric, with Professor James O’Brien, UC Berkeley. Eric joined Uber ATG before the launch of self-driving vehicles, in 2016, where he and collaborators developed ATG's deep object detection networks. Eric is currently a member of the Uber ATG R&D group, led by Raquel Urtasun. His research interests include self-driving, machine learning, and computer vision.

Recent publications

LaserNet: An Efficient Probabilistic 3D Object Detector for Autonomous Driving

Gregory P. Meyer*, Ankit Laddha*, Eric Kee, Carlos Vallespi-Gonzalez, Carl Wellington (CVPR 2019)

DeepSignals: Predicting Intent of Drivers Through Visual Signals

Davi Frossard, Eric Kee, Raquel Urtasun (ICRA 2019)