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Employee resource group

Uber's Jewish community

Our goal

Our mission is to create a community celebrating Jewish heritage, teachings and faith for Uber employees around the world.

“Being the Executive Sponsor of Shalom gives me an opportunity to build on Uber's great culture of inclusion by infusing Jewish heritage and values into our rich Uber mosaic.”


Troy Stevenson

Global Head of Community Operations & Executive Sponsor of Shalom

Our kickoff

We hosted Shabbat celebrations in nine offices. By happenstance, the event took place on the Shabbat after Charlottesville. It became an important moment of recognition and respect for our heritage by Uber and our colleagues, Jewish and non-Jewish alike.

Наш вклад

In collaboration with our ERGs for parents and veterans, we organized a multi-office toy drive for Toys for Tots during Hanukkah, donating 652 toys in all. 19 offices participated, including corporate offices, Greenlight Hubs, Centers of Excellence and ATG.

Shalom + UberHue

In collaboration with UberHue, we did a multi-office screening of “Little White Lie” and a discussion with the director and subject of the film, Lacey Schwartz. Lacey was raised Jewish and white, only to later discover her father was actually African-American, raising questions of race and identity that the film explores.