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We believe in the power of technology

Our mission: to make transportation safer, more efficient, and more affordable for people everywhere.

Technology components

Our self-driving system features an array of overlapping sensors gathering data covering 360 degrees around the vehicle. Our technology and teams process this data and combine it with maps into a complete representation of the world around us.

Hardware and vehicle

Our latest-generation hardware starts with a vehicle known for a strong safety track record. Our team then modifies the vehicle to integrate the sensors and software that help support our self-driving system.


Our software interprets the world around the vehicle, predicts what actors will do next, and plans a way to safely navigate on-road.


Connecting our self-driving system to the Uber network is only the beginning. We’re combining hardware and software technology into a new type of rider experience never seen before.


We ensure that, at every stage of development, our self-driving vehicles are demonstrably safe when operating on public roads. Through a robust process of safety specification and testing, we are guiding self-driving technology onto the Uber network at a global scale.

System engineering and testing

System engineering and testing is the glue that connects the many different parts that make up our technology, ensuring that our vehicles are ready for the real world.

Strategy and operations

By using data, we can carefully model how self-driving systems will interact with cities and where the best places to deploy our vehicles are. Once deployed, our fleet requires a unique mix of technical, mechanical, and operational management in the field.

Scale/supply chain

Reliability and scalability are key to the success of self-driving deployment globally. Our technology is designed to perform across a large fleet of vehicles and manufacturers in complex and diverse operating areas.