Venue pickup and drop-off areas

With millions of people calling Rio home for the next month, the streets will be packed. Take note of these pickup and drop-off locations associated with each venue. They’ll save you time and the headache.

Designated Uber pickup and drop-off areas

The sporting events you’ve been waiting for are finally here and we’re on hand to make your travel experience effortless.

When riding to and from specific sporting venues, you can enjoy the convenience of a designated Uber pickup and drop-off area to avoid confusion about where to meet your driver. Check out the venues below to learn more about pickup and drop-off points.

Olympic Park

The Barra Olympic Park is made up of 9 sporting venues in Barra da Tijuca. Check out the details on how to ensure a smooth Uber experience at Olympic Park.

Learn more about Uber pickups at Olympic Park

Engenhão Stadium

Engenhão Stadium will serve as the main stage for soccer. Heading to a game? Learn more about the venue and how to ensure a smooth Uber pickup experience.

Learn more about Uber pickups at Engenhão Stadium

Maracanã Stadium

The legendary Maracanã Stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies. Learn more about the venue and how to ensure a smooth Uber pickup experience at Maracanã Stadium.

Learn more about Uber pickups at Maracanã Stadium

Deodoro Stadium

Deodoro is a neighborhood located in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro and is comprised of multiple sporting arenas. The arenas will host BMX, rugby, and Canoe Slalom, to name a few.

Learn more about Uber pickups at Deodoro


Copacabana will host 7 open-air sports, including marathon swimming, triathlon, and beach volleyball. Learn more about using Uber to travel to and from Copacabana.

Learn more about riding with Uber at Copacabana beach

Sporting venue pro tips

  • When leaving the stadium, check the ‘Notifications’ section of your app. There you’ll find more details on the exact location of the Uber pickup lounge.
  • Remember, with large crowds comes large amounts of traffic. Please be patient as you request an Uber. Your driver will do their best to get to you as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Demand will be high throughout the city, especially at sporting venues. Lots of fans will be requesting a ride at the same time. If you don’t need to ride immediately after the game, wait for traffic to lighten and the demand for rides to go down.

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