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We see the world as it could be, then strive to make it a reality. We design connections and forge relationships that are positive and fruitful and engender trust.

Our design teams

There's no substitute for passion. If you're seeking opportunities to do the greatest good, you've come to the right place.


Our Brand Experience team is responsible for creating an instant and positive emotional connection with our 90 million–plus users and amplifying our company's mission and values.


Through great storytelling and carefully executed campaigns, marketing wins over customers and earns their loyalty by helping them get maximum value from our products.


A cross-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, researchers, and writers, we create systems, not just screens. We strive to understand the relationships between our digital systems and real-world outcomes.

Get to know us

Find out how our team has deepened their craft while working at Uber.

  • Amritha Prasad

    Design Manager

    "Uber is a place where the best idea wins. We’re given the freedom to do what it takes, try something new, and even if we fail there’s that momentum going where we can get back up and try something else."

  • Bo Paweena Attayadmawittaya

    Sr. Product Designer

    "Human impulse to create tools has been since the beginning of time. Getting people a job, getting people from point a to point b. It’s a neat tool. It’s useful to others and this idea of creating something that will outlive me fulfills my purpose."

  • Didier Hilhorst

    Sr. Design Manager

    "Uber is a place where design can really influence how we think about being empathetic, how we create experiences in product that relate to both riders, drivers, and whoever else we’re serving. As a design function, we have that responsibility."

  • George Zhang

    Sr. Research Manager

    "I’m passionate about people. And how to make people’s life better. We cannot make people love us. We can only make us lovable. We can give people higher and more degrees of freedom to achieve what they want to achieve."

  • Monina Dolan

    Associate Creative Director

    "I think we’re a close-knit team. We do have a variety of disciplines and if you’re intrigued by design it’s great to be surrounded by different expertise. The opportunity for all those skills and points of view to come together is truly exciting."

  • Ojai Mitchell

    Communications Designer

    "We’ve developed a community where it’s okay to be you. We celebrate you being yourself. It’s okay to not be perfect. We’re all here to build each other up. That’s become something that’s at the heart of the design group."


Problems are design opportunities

Really great design happens out in the world. Here are some of the tough issues our design team is tackling.

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Bangalore, India
Bangalore, India