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Tips from others for picking up orders

By now you have some appreciation for what makes an easy and stress-free pickup. Here are a few more insights from restaurant staff and other delivery people that might increase your chances of getting a better rating.

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  • Restaurants appreciate professional delivery people

    The restaurant is trusting you to handle the food they’re proud of. Insights from restaurants confirm that they’ll feel more comfortable with you, and you with them, if you’re courteous and communicate effectively.

  • Restaurants may provide extra pickup information

    Helpful notes from the restaurant can be found in your app. They may include details like where to park or which door to use.

  • Restaurants look at your ETA

    They use your estimated time of arrival to determine when to have their food ready.

  • Restaurants might be particular about where you wait

    You can ask where the best place to wait is. You can also tap Not ready in the app if your order isn’t ready yet. This will help us improve the app experience over time.

  • Double-checking orders before leaving

    Other delivery people suggest that before you leave the restaurant, double-checking orders—drinks, sides, and more—will help make sure nothing is left behind.


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