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Deliver with Uber Eats

No boss. Flexible schedule. Quick pay.

Now you can make money by delivering food orders that people crave using the Uber Eats app—all while exploring your city.

Increase your earnings at your own pace

  • Flexibility

    Take to the streets and deliver whenever you want - for an hour, a weekend, or throughout the week.

  • Payment

    You can receive daily payments up to once per day.

  • Enjoy your city

    Between picking up and dropping off deliveries, it’s just you and the road - discover new sides to your city.


How to activate your account

1. Registration

Create an Uber Eats account to become a Delivery Partner.

2. Documents

Upload the necessary documents. Know more information regarding documents in the section below.

3. Ativation

  • If you are an Independent Operator or a Fleet Partner: activate your Uber Tax Profile by creating an account with Fonoa, a third party e-invoicing service provider. You can find more information here.
  • If you are a Delivery Partner from a Fleet: open the driver app and start earning.

Requirements in Portugal

Important information regarding document submission:

  • Photocopies or scans will not be accepted, only photos of original documents.
  • Make sure all 4 corners of all documents are visible.
  • If the document is blurred, if reflections, shadows or objects mask part of the image, the document cannot be accepted
    • Portuguese citizens: citizen card
    • EU citizens non-portuguese: proof of european citizenship e.g. citizen card or passport from a EU country
    • Non-European citizens: residency permit issued by SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras)
    • The economic activity code 53200.
    • The document must contain a fiscal address in Portugal.
    • Your services must be vatable, meaning article 53 or article 9 cannot be present in the “Enquadramento” section of the document.
    • In addition, if the CAE is a “Comprovativo de Entrega da Declaração” taken from internet, you must upload this document together with the “Carta da autoridade tributária e aduaneira” that proves the validity of the document itself.
  • Make sure the nome of the owner of the account is visible, as well as the IBAN. The document must be issued by the bank itself or the applicable financial institution.

  • Make sure the photo is clear, has enough brightness and that all your face is visible. The photo should just include your face and not other people or objects.

    • Driver’s license
      • Documents with category A or B are accepted. If you just have category B you can drive motorbikes up to 50cc, from 18 years old, or up tp 125cc, from 25 years old.
    • Vehicle Insurance
    • Documents of the motorbike
  • Food safety regulations require you to own and transport Uber Eats orders using an insulated bag. Please note it is not mandatory to use an Uber Eats branded bag.

    • If you already own an insulated bag: when submitting your bag photo, please make sure 1) your bag is open to show the thermal insulation, 2) your identity card displays clearly your name and photo, 3) your bag is clean without damage, 4) the bag meets minimum requirement of 44cm width x 35cm depth x 40cm height, 5) the entire bag and ID are visible in the photo.
    • If you don't own an insulated bag: you can purchase one from our partner's website here. The full instructions can be found in the “Insulated delivery bag with ID” document slot on
  • The Debt and Non-Debt Certificate must be issued by the Portuguese tax authorities and be within the validity period.

    • The document is only valid when the tax situation is regularized.
    • If the tax situation is not properly regularized, you will have to regularize it and then request a new Debt and Non-Debt certificate.
    • Other certificates that are not issued by the Portuguese tax authorities are not accepted.
    • Make sure that the document is emitted under the same name and NIF as the Economic Activity Code (CAE) submitted.
    • Make sure that the document submitted is the most recent document issued by the Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira.

Become a Partner

New at Uber?

  • Register to do deliveries
  • Follow the above steps to activate your account.

Already a Partner?

Follow the above steps to activate your account.

Still have questions?

Deliver your way in the app

Deliver your way in the app

The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region, or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.