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Arrange rides for customers, guests, and employees

Available globally, Central lets Uber for Business users leverage the largest mobility network in the world to request rides for anyone—even if they don’t have the Uber app.

See what's possible

Great for customers, even better for business

Optimize costs

Save money by paying only for rides taken, and track spending on your dashboard.

Elevate customer experience

Schedule rides for your customers. Request premium rides, or book rides by the hour.

Increase operational efficiency

Schedule recurring rides or easily request the same trip through a centralized dashboard.

Reduce your reliance on loaner cars

Decrease loaner car and shuttle usage, as well as the fees that accompany them.

Monitor rides from a central dashboard

Get visibility on the status of in-progress and upcoming rides in one place.

Take care of your employees

Get your employees where they need to go and maintain visibility into usage.

Here’s how it works


Features customizable for your business

  • One-way or round-trip rides

    Arrange a one-way ride, or make it round-trip.

  • Scheduled rides

    Easily schedule rides up to 30 days in advance.

  • Flexible rides

    Let your rider choose the exact time of their ride.

  • Choice of vehicle types

    Available ride options include UberX, Uber Green, UberXL, Uber Black, and more.*

  • Memos and notes to driver

    Add an internal memo or a note to the driver with any special instructions.

  • Seamless billing and reporting

    Pull travel data reports and get visibility into spending with monthly statements.


Keep business moving, no matter what industry you’re in

  • Service and repair rides

    Provide a ride home to customers who have dropped off their car for service or repairs at the manufacturer or dealership.

  • Loaner car substitute

    Add a rideshare option to your fleet of loaner cars and shuttles to help reduce wait times and availability issues.

  • Transportation for a new car

    Give employees an arranged ride back to the dealership after they’ve dropped off a new car at a customer’s home.

  • Parts delivery

    Use Central to organize pick up and drop off of specific vehicle parts to complete a repair in a more timely manner.


Honda Auto Center of Bellevue saved 47% by switching from shuttle service to Uber.

Arrange and track rides at scale

Frequently asked questions

  • Coordinators can directly message a driver by selecting Contact on a trip. Riders who have the app can directly message the driver within their chat feature.

  • No, Central trips are paid for by organizations that request these rides, so guest users do not need to pay or tip drivers on their trips.

  • After each trip, you can go to the “Past rides” section of the dashboard and click on Request Support to auto-populate an email to our Support team. Riders who have the app can contact Support directly within the app.

*The ride options on this page are a sample of products available with Uber and may vary by location. Some might not be available where your employees or customers use the Uber app.

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