Uber Mobility is a meetup series about scaling mobile applications globally

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Uber for Everyone and Everywhere - Mobile and Web Performance Challenges

October 5th, 2017 6:00PM
Uber Engineering Office, 8th floor, RGA Tech Park, Sarjapur Main Road, Bangalore, India Map

Come and learn how Uber has built the foundations of Mobile and Web to suit the Indian market and solved some hard engineering challenges like device performance, networking and super lite web architecture.

Uber is a global company and it is important to understand the strong local needs and customize and adapt our applications to make Uber accessible to everyone and everywhere. In this presentation, we will talk about how we approached the foundational challenges from the engineering perspective.

Building m.uber: Uber’s High-Performance Web App for the Global Market
As Uber expands to new markets, we want to enable all users to quickly request a ride, regardless of location, network speed, and device. With this in mind, we rebuilt our web client from the ground up focusing on speed. In this talk, we will share the challenges of implementing the native app experience in a super-lightweight web application, and discuss the architectural solutions we’ve created as a result.

Rebuilding Uber App: Fast from the Start
Last year, when we decided to rebuild the Uber Rider app, we have the opportunity to completely rethink our approach to performance from the ground up. In this talk, we’ll discuss the process and walk through all the cool stuff that we have built along the way in order to create a fast and engaging user experience.

Doing More with Less: Shrinking our Android App
In order to create a seamless experience for all our users around the world, Uber's apps have continually added features to help facilitate the magic. In this talk, we explore how these features grow our app size and its impact on our users. In addition, we’ll take a look at some of the tooling we're building to help keep our apps small and ready for our users around the world.

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Uber Engineering Office, 8th floor, RGA Tech Park, Sarjapur Main Road, Bangalore, India

Praveen Neppalli Naga


Matt Morgan

Building m.uber: Uber’s High-Performance Web App for the Global Market

Minh Pham

Rebuilding Uber App: Fast from the Start

Eric Leung

Doing More with Less: Shrinking our Android App

Past meetup
August 24th, 2017

Uber Mobility Amsterdam

Speakers: Alan Zeino, Robbert Van Ginkel, Tuomas Artman (Uber)

Uber Mobility hits the Netherlands! Join us for a special evening at Uber HQ in Amsterdam. We have 3 speakers lined up that know all about writing mobile apps at scale. From a rewrite in Swift, our automated build system used to build and test every change finishing with the new architecture designed from the ground up for our apps.

Past meetup
APRIL 19TH, 2017

Deep Dive Into Uber’s New Mobile Architecture

Speakers: Tuomas Artman, Tony Cosentini, Yi Wang and Brian Attwell (Uber)

Choosing the right architecture for your mobile architecture has a long-lasting effect on the productivity of your team and the reliable extensibility of your application. Bad architectural decisions might not immediately be obvious, but will affect the entire team for years to come. This evening, we’re thrilled to invite you to a special Uber Mobility meetup: A deep dive on Uber’s new mobile architecture - RIBs. We’ll run you through why we decided to create a new architecture and how we managed to rewrite and launch Uber’s Rider app with this new architecture in record time. We’ll talk through the core principles of the new architecture and why we think it’s a perfect fit for creating reliable, highly maintainable mobile applications, especially when you’re working at scale and have a large mobile team.

Past meetup
November 1st, 2016

Build & Release

Speakers: Chirayu Krishnappa & Daniel Liem (Uber), Christian Legnitto (Pocketship), Jacek Suliga (LinkedIn), Robbert Van Ginkel & Gautam Korlam (Uber), Rachel Brindle (Pivotal Labs)

Tools for building and releasing mobile applications provided by Google and Apple are geared towards smaller mobile application development teams. However, once development teams start to grow, the requirement from your build and release tooling change drastically. This meetup was all about building & releasing mobile applications at scale: How does your build infrastructure need to evolve to support increasingly complex code-bases? How can you build an automated release pipeline that tracks every build and rolls out your mobile applications safely? What kind of unexpected problems can arise from adopting new technologies when you have a larger team?

Past meetup
July 7, 2016

Testing Mobile Applications

Speakers: Bian Jiang & Nirav Nagda (Uber), Valera Zakharov (Slack), Daniel Ribeiro & Justin Martin (Square), and Drew Hannay (LinkedIn)

Having the right testing strategy and good automation coverage are both essential for any mobile company wanting to iterate quickly and release high quality apps faster. So is having confidence in your mobile application build before you release. Once released, fixing problems is hard: you can’t roll back bad builds quickly and you can’t control whether users will actually upgrade to your hotfix build.

Past meetup
May 12, 2016

High Performance Networking

Speakers: Ganesh Srinivasan & Minh Pham (Uber), Jim Roskind (Neumob), Makarand Dharmapurikar & Eric Anderson (Google), and Karthik Ramgopal (LinkedIn)

Networking is one of the most important, yet often underserved aspects of any mobile application. The latency and bandwidth of mobile networks can vary greatly between cities and even within cities, ranging from broadband LTE speeds to performance that feels more like a 300 baud modem.