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Rides to Hamilton Airport

When you’re headed to Hamilton Airport with a rider, you can drop them off at the regular public drop-off area.

Picking up from Hamilton Airport

To receive trip requests at Hamilton Airport, you will need make your way to the holding bay in the southern car park, which is to the left of the terminal. From this spot, you will be placed in a virtual queue where driver-partners who have been waiting longest will receive the first requests. When you're at Hamilton Airport, the Uber Driver app will provide you with in-app directions to the designated area.

Drivers are not allowed to wait inside the airport, and you will only receive trip requests if you are in the southern car park.

Once you receive a trip request, you can pick up your rider from the Ride Share Pickup Zone, located near the Arrivals lounge.

Airport Fees

Fees at Hamilton Airport

Driver-partners will need to pay a flat fee of $3.50 for all pickups – however, this fee will be automatically added to the rider’s fare and Uber will handle the collection of this fee on behalf of Hamilton Airport. This airport fee is in line with the fee charged to other small passenger services.

If you are a GST-registered driver-partner, you should be able to claim the GST per trip. To find out more about airport fees and how they should be reflected in your tax return, contact your tax advisor, or Woohoo, a company that offers discounted tax services to partners as part of the Momentum Rewards program.

How pickups work at Hamilton Airport

1. Enter the virtual queue

Head to the holding area in the southern car park and open the Uber app. This will automatically place you in the virtual queue. You will then be able to see where you are in the queue on your screen. Please note, you must not wait inside the airport.

2. Accept a trip request and head to the airport terminal

Once you are at the front of the queue, you will receive the next available trip request. Accept the trip, then head towards the airport terminal, following the directions in your app to the Ride Share Pickup Zone.

3. Locate your rider and exit the airport

Once your rider is in your car, begin the trip just as you normally would and exit the airport.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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