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The authorisation process

What you need to do

1. Obtain a P Endorsement

You will need to obtain a Passenger (P) Endorsement from the New Zealand Transit Authority (NZTA). Uber can assist you in applying at a Greenlight Hub location, or you can apply directly at a NZTA Agent.

2. Obtain a Certificate of Fitness

The NZTA also requires drivers using the Uber app to apply for a Certificate of Fitness. You can do this at a NZTA Agent, like VTNZ, AA, or VINZ. Please apply using Uber's TSL number (0319653). Once you receive your certificate, upload an image of it to your Uber account.

3. Download the Logmate App

As a holder of a P endorsement, you will need to comply will all work time related rules including recording your work time through an NZTA approved Logbook. All driver-partners who do not hold their own Small Passenger Service licence (SPSL), must use Logmate to record their work time. This is a requirement to become active on the Uber driver-app.

Steps in detail

Applying for a Passenger Endorsement

Before you apply

In order to apply for a P Endorsement, you first need to have a medical assessment.

Medical assessment

You can have your medical assessment done at an Uber Greenlight Hub, located in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. Alternatively, you can visit your own Doctor and bring your medical certificate (DL9) to a Greenlight Hub to get in-person assistance with submitting your application.

Apply for a P Endorsement

Complete a P Endorsement application and submit it to an NZTA agent (AA or VTNZ). You can print a P Endorsement application here or pick one up at a NZTA agent (AA or VTNZ).

The NZTA may require you to provide additional documents, such as proof of your entitlement to work in New Zealand as part of the P Endorsement application process.

Upload to your Uber account

Once you receive your P Endorsement upload an image of it to your Uber account.

Vehicle Licensing

Getting a Certificate of Fitness

Visit an approved agent

A Certificate of Fitness (COF) is a regular check to ensure that your vehicle meets required safety standards for carrying passengers. Go to an approved Agent, like VTNZ, AA and VINZ and provide Uber's TSL (#0139653) to have a COF issued for compliant vehicles.

Some helpful tips about obtaining a COF:

If you have a hatchback vehicle or station wagon, you may need to have a means to secure cargo in your boot. Cargo nets are a cost effective solution that can be purchased at auto retailers like SuperCheap Auto and Repco You may need to complete a change of vehicle use form and purchase a child lock safety sticker when you get your COF

Display your TSL card

If you meet the requirements to drive, Uber will provide you with a Transport Service Licence (TSL) card once your account setup is complete. You will need to display the card in your vehicle when you drive using the Uber App.

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