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From how-to guides to webinars, find everything you need to get the most from Uber for Business.

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Boosting morale with Uber Eats

Explore how providing meals for your employees, customers, and others can provide a helping hand and increase engagement.

Reimagining the daily commute

Learn how to transform the daily commute from a source of stress to one of productivity and care, while keeping the safety of employees a top priority.

Help Centre | Uber for Business

Get step-by-step instructions that'll help you make the most of Uber for Business.

Meet the businesses growing with our platform

See how businesses large and small are leveraging our global platform for corporate travel management and meal programs.


Reimagining the daily commute

As businesses begin to return to the office, keep your employees comfortable by offering alternatives to their usual commute.

Boosting morale with Uber Eats

Explore how Uber Eats for your employees, customers and others can provide a helping hand and increase engagement.

Nine ways to help increase attendance at your next virtual event

Events have changed from in-person to virtual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an unforgettable experience. Here are nine ways in which Uber for Business can help.

Connecting with customers and employees with Vouchers

5 strategies for reopening our offices

Find out how Uber’s Global Vice President of Workplace and Real Estate, Michael Huaco, thinks about ways to bring employees back to the office.

The future of travel management

Read this e-book to find out why travel managers need to anticipate and adjust to changes to future-proof the work they do.

Inside the mind of the business traveller

Get research-backed insights through the journey and mindset of business travellers, from planning their travel to submitting their expenses.

Getting started and safety guides

Safety guide

This guide is designed to give you a detailed look at the measures we’ve established to help keep riders and drivers safe on our platform.

Safety overview

Read about our Door-to-Door Safety Standard to see how our technology and guidelines can help your people feel safe using Uber.

Getting started for admins: travel and meals

Are you looking to create corporate travel and meal programs for your employees? Follow this step-by-step on-boarding guide to get going.

Getting started for admins: guest rides

Ready to understand how to arrange and create ride programs for your customers and guests? Get going in a few simple steps.

Getting started for coordinators: guest rides

Want to learn how to get your organisation moving with Central? Follow the steps here to start requesting rides on behalf of others.

Product and feature overviews

Uber for Business

Read our overview guide to better understand the ways you can leverage Uber for Business.

Reimagining commutes and office meals

Help support your employees with commute programs and meal programs.

Meal programs with Uber for Business

Find out how meal delivery programs with Uber for Business let your team enjoy their favourite food wherever they work.

Vouchers for rides

Cover the cost of rides with Vouchers to make it easier for your customers to get where they’re going.

Vouchers for Uber Eats

Provide meal options based on your needs, and bring the best of Uber Eats to your customers, guests or employees.

Business travel

Make business travel easier for your employees while gaining improved control and visibility.

Gift cards

Give the gift of adventure, delight and food. One gift card gives employees or customers access to rides and meals.

Amex Corporate Card and Uber Rewards

Say hello to more points when you use your American Express Corporate Card, Uber Rewards and your business profile.

Request rides for others

Enhance your customers’ experience with your business by requesting a ride with Uber to get them where they need to go.

Uber Direct for auto overview

Dealerships can rev up wholesale parts sales with Uber Direct, a cost-efficient, on-demand delivery platform.

Webinars and events

Reimagining the daily commute

Learn how to transform the daily commute from a source of stress to one of productivity and care, while keeping the safety of employees a top priority.

Boosting employee and customer morale with meal delivery

Explore how providing meals for your employees, customers and others can improve their morale and overall wellbeing.

Redefining travel policies during a global crisis

Register for the webinar to learn how to navigate the impact of the pandemic on travel for your business.

Ryder improved its customer experience

Hear from Rich Mohr, CTO of Ryder Fleet Management Solutions, about how they increased customer satisfaction with Uber.

New safety features from Uber

In the session, you'll learn about Ride Check's automatic crash detection and other new safety features for riders and drivers.

Balancing experience with compliance in business travel

Uber’s Global Head of Travel and Expense and the State of California’s Business Partnership and Travel Manager weigh in on managed business travel.

Understanding the business traveller mindset

This special session with Uber’s user experience research team explores the mindset of business travellers when they're on the road for work.

Getting to know the Uber for Business dashboard

Watch this webinar for an inside view of everything you need to know about our dashboard, featuring an Uber for Business product manager.

Collaborating with your travel vendors

Learn about collaborating with travel vendors and influencing their product road maps from Dell’s Senior Manager of Global Travel, Beth Clicquennoi-Mansure.

Vouchers: covering the cost of getting there

Listen in to learn how your business can start using Vouchers to cover the cost of rides with Uber for your customers, prospects and guests.

Trending topics

Give remote workers a meal delivery perk

Learn how businesses are supporting virtual teams with affordable meal-delivery benefits that boost both morale and productivity.

Simplify team meals with group orders

Save on delivery costs and streamline the setup of team meals by letting individual employees add their own items to group orders.

Organise office-wide meals

Keep teams well fed and show clients you care by using group or individual ordering as an easy alternative to traditional catering.

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