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for your delivery

Sometimes a problem occurs during a delivery with Uber Eats. Here are some tips that you can follow in case of difficulty.

What to do if you cannot find the eater

Once you have arrived at the delivery location, you can find the delivery instructions that will help you to locate the customer (eg. intercom, floor number, etc.) within the app. If any information is missing, or if the customer appears to be absent, we strongly suggest that you contact them by clicking on ‘’Contact’’ via the menu button in your app, and leave a voice message if they do not answer.

  • If you can’t get hold of them, try calling them at least 2 times and follow the countdown tracker.
  • If you’re unable to make contact after 5 minutes, you are free to cancel the delivery, unless you would like to wait longer.

Cancelling an order without following the necessary steps to complete it, may result in you not receiving the full delivery fee. Learn more here on cancellations at

Note: Please make sure that the number you use to call the customer is the same number that is attached to your UberEATS account.

I can’t deliver the order (accident, flat tyre, order damaged, etc)

If an incident occurs that prevents you from being able to pick up or drop off an order, cancel the trip on your app as soon as you can.

In the case of an emergency, always make sure you and all other parties are safe. Dial emergency or police assistance if needed.

We would appreciate it if you report the incident to us afterwards, please:

  • send a message to Uber Eats support if you were unable to pick up the order at the restaurant, or
  • call Uber Eats support if you were unable to deliver the picked up order to the customer.

The eater calls you to change the delivery address.

Once you have collected the food and are on your way to deliver the order, an eater may call you to let you know they have entered the incorrect delivery address.

Be aware that you are free to accept or decline the request to deliver to the new location. Customers will love your flexibility, but this is up to you.

  • If you decline to deliver to the new address, cancel the order and you are free to dispose of the food in a safe place.
  • If you accept to deliver but the delivery location is much further away from the old delivery address, contact support so your fare can be adjusted.

Message Uber Eats support through in app Help after cancelling or delivering the order, so we are aware of this situation.

The order that I was delivering has been cancelled.

There is a possibility that the order you accepted was cancelled by the restaurant or by our support team.

  • If the order got cancelled before picking it up, the order will then disappear from your app and return to the home screen.
  • If you already picked up the order when it got cancelled, you are free to dispose of the food. In this case, you will be compensated for your trip until the moment it got cancelled.

Note: If your order contains alcohol, please return the alcohol to the pick-up location.

I have been waiting for a long time at the restaurant.

When demand is high, restaurants may take longer than usual to prepare the food. We suggest that you wait at least 15 minutes at the restaurant.

If you have waited for 15 minutes and the food is still not ready, you can cancel the order by indicating the following reason ’’Excessive wait time” on your app.