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Simplify Business Travel

Expensing with Uber for Business is effortless – whether your people travel around the world or the block.

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Spend less time on expense reports

The true cost of expensing ground travel is higher than you may think, especially if you include administrative costs. It takes an average of 20 minutes to fill out an expense report, and it’s about $58 to process each one.

That’s why we’re streamlining the process for business travelers and administrators. When you don’t have to worry about expense reports, and how much they cost, you can focus on running or growing your business, efficiently.

Big Business

Every year, $282 billion is spent on business travel. On average 27% is spent on ground transport.

Easier Ground Travel Management

Uber for Business makes expensing easy for you and your people. Give them the ability to charge your company directly for work-related Uber rides, while putting your T&E policy into action by choosing when and how your employees ride.

  • Travel programs

    Customize Uber for Business with travel programs for different groups within your organization.

  • Save time

    Cut administrative costs with automated expense reporting.

  • Easy connectivity

    Connect your people's Uber for Business rides directly to your accounting system to streamline billing.

  • You have control

    Choose when, where, and in what vehicle your people ride. And, set spend caps to know your costs upfront.

Simplify how your business moves

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