Uber’s first home in Singapore was a coffee shop in Tanjong Pagar, from which a small team worked to explain the benefits of the app to potential driver-partners and build our operations from the ground up.

Six years later, we’re opening the doors of a new Asia Pacific Regional Hub  — a stone’s throw from our humble beginnings — and beginning an important chapter in the evolution of our organisation.

Located in a Green Mark Platinum award-winning building with state-of-the-art technology and environmentally conscious practices, today the Hub is a multi-million dollar investment, spanning 2,000 sqm+, and employing 165 people and counting. The Hub supports operations in ten languages, across 102 cities in nine Asia Pacific countries (Australia, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong).

Our new home contains a crowdsourced mix of creative ideas and quirky designs that celebrates the diversity of the Asia Pacific communities we serve, while championing the places and foods we love. Here are just a few of our favourite elements that marry form, function and Uber fun:

  • Inclusivity by design, sharing the best views with everyone as equal partners which means no corner offices and some truly amazing shared sunsets
  • Uber’s first Artist-in-Residence program with one-of-a-kind murals created together with our employees by award winning artists and former employees
  • Meeting room names like ‘My heart goes Bedok Bedok for you’
  • Country-themed collaboration spaces that visiting employees are invited to personalise with items that bring their markets into the Hub

We also wanted to create a strong sense of community by using our space to convene conversations around the future with those shaping it across our global network of partners, students, academics, experts and thought leaders. Cafe Amoy is the perfect connection point to bring people together, just like Uber does every day.

With a refreshed mission to ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion, one thing is clear as we look to the year ahead — the Asia Pacific region remains a critical Hub for Uber — a source of innovation and hyper growth for current and future businesses, a global exporter of talent, and a culture and diversity champion.