Uber has always made it easy for people to get on-demand rides. When we introduced Uber for Business, our mission was to give organizations a more efficient way to manage their business travel and improve their employees’ experience.

Today, we’re excited to expand the Uber for Business platform beyond business travel, to include a world-class customer transportation solution, Uber Central.  With Uber Central, organizations of all shapes and sizes — from small nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies — can now easily provide on-demand, door-to-door transportation for their customers, clients, and guests.

Uber Central offers organizations:

  • A way to provide a better customer experience. With Central, businesses can give customers or clients a premium door-to-door experience by requesting a ride on their behalf. Customers don’t need to have an Uber account, or even a smartphone, to take a ride with Central.
  • An innovative transportation solution for their business. Businesses can replace inefficient, expensive shuttles and car services by leveraging the latest technology.
  • Simplified reporting and management. With the Uber for Business platform, organizations using Central get access to the digital billing, reporting, and management tools they need to efficiently manage their transportation operations.  

Based on the initial responses from a few of the businesses that helped us pilot Uber Central, we’re excited about its potential to transform the customer experience.

A Los Angeles hotel sets itself apart

Los Angeles is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. To set itself apart, Hotel Angeleno delivers end-to-end, premium experiences for its travelers. To make travel seamless for guests whether they’re heading to the airport or exploring the town the hotel uses Central to organize Uber rides for their guests. The single-view dashboard is especially helpful to the Hotel Angeleno guest services team who often juggle multiple requests to serve hotel guests. The hotel has even created customized key cards, so their guests know that Uber is right at their fingertips.

“As an independent hotelier, Hotel Angeleno strives to provide unique service offerings, and Uber Central is a game changer for us. Guest satisfaction has increased significantly, as Uber is far more convenient and affordable than the alternatives. Plus having a digital record of our trips in one place really helps us streamline our customer service operations. It’s a win-win.” –Dean Yamashita,  Director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel Angeleno

A roadside assistance service elevates customer care

One of the largest roadside assistance providers in the US, Agero is bringing peace-of-mind to customers during stressful roadside events. With access to Uber Central, Agero’s clients which include leading auto manufacturers, auto insurers, and vehicle servicing companies can now offer rides to their customers if their vehicles are inoperable. Agero identifies the customer’s most convenient pickup location, requests a ride from the Uber Central dashboard, and sends help in an instant.

“Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Agero, and Uber Central helps us focus on the customer’s needs during an otherwise stressful experience. Our business protects over 80 million drivers in the US each year, and Uber Central provides a scalable way for us to deliver reliable rides when our customers need them most.” –Cathy Orrico, Senior Vice President, Client Services & Sales, Agero

A nonprofit gives seniors more independence

Common Courtesy is a nonprofit focused on expanding mobility to all who desire it, especially seniors and those with limitations that affect their ability to drive. Many of these individuals don’t own a smartphone and would otherwise be unable to easily get a ride. Common Courtesy uses Uber Central to help people schedule one-off and recurring rides with Uber.

“My wife and I created Common Courtesy because we believe mobility is a basic human right. Uber Central helps us provide independence and freedom to our community in a way never possible before. We no longer need dozens of cell phones to manage multiple rides at once, and with the business-ready version of Uber Central we expect the process to be even easier. What we do wouldn’t be possible without Uber. Period.” –Bob Carr, Founder, Common Courtesy

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