UPDATE [11.8.13]: Thank you very much for your support. We wanted to give you an update: the Rhode Island PUC has said it will not enforce on the $40 minimum when the rules go into effect on Monday, November 11. We are so happy that for the moment, Rhode Islanders will continue to have access to affordable transportation, and we look forward to finding a more permanent solution as quickly as possible. We will keep you posted on any developments.


[10.30.13]: Uber launched service in Providence last month to provide residents and visitors with access to reliable, efficient and – best of all – affordable transportation, whenever and wherever they want. But now affordable transportation in Rhode Island is in serious jeopardy: the state is about to implement a $40 minimum on any sedan trip, no matter how short the trip – effectively eliminating transportation options like Uber from the marketplace.  

The State of Rhode Island doesn’t seem to share your view that transportation services in Providence should include better options at lower prices. Why should a quality ride from the East Side to downtown Providence have to cost $40? There’s only one reason to create a $40 minimum charge: to protect the special interests of the taxi industry over the affordable transportation interests of Rhode Island consumers.

Rhode Island: the Governor needs to hear your voice! Click here to sign the petition.

This is about more than a $40 minimum fare. This is about more than the government protecting entrenched industry. This is about what kind of state Rhode Island wants to be. This is about putting consumers ahead of powerful special interests.

Together we can fight for new Rhode Island transportation options that help make this great state an even better place.

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Uber on,
Meghan & the Uber Providence Team


The following leaders can help protect affordable transportation options in Rhode Island. Please reach out and tell them to save Uber Providence!

Lincoln Chafee, Governor of Rhode Island
(401) 222-2080


Tom Ahern, Administrator, RI Division of Public Utilities and Carriers
(401) 941-4500

Gordon D. Fox, Speaker, Rhode Island House of Representatives
(401) 222-2447


Elaine Coderre, Speaker pro Tempore, Rhode Island House of Representatives
(401) 726-1190

Nicholas Mattiello, Majority Leader, Rhode Island House of Representatives
(401) 461-5800

Brian Newberry, Minority Leader, Rhode Island House of Representatives
(401) 222-2259

M. Teresa Paiva Weed, President, Rhode Island State Senate
(401) 222-6655

Dominick J. Ruggerio, Majority Leader, Rhode Island State Senate
(401) 222-3310

Dennis L. Algiere, Minority Leader, Rhode Island State Senate
(401) 222-2708