In November 2020, nearly 10 million Californians voted to pass Proposition 22 by a 17-point margin in one of the most progressive states in America. In passing Prop 22, voters listened to California gig workers who have clearly said time and again that they want the flexibility of being an independent contractor with the new benefits and protections provided by Prop 22.

Those historic new benefits and protections (which we proudly support) include:

  • Minimum Earnings Guarantee: Earners always receive at least 120% of minimum wage while giving a ride or doing a delivery—although actual earnings often exceed this minimum. This is a floor not a ceiling: workers always have the ability to earn more and tips are paid out on top of those earnings. 
  • Health Care Stipend: Qualifying drivers receive up to $424.76 per month to help cover the cost of health care; this is comparable to an average employer’s contribution toward a Covered California bronze plan. 
  • Occupational Accident Insurance: Prop 22 requires platforms like Uber to provide additional insurance that covers medical expenses and lost income resulting from injuries and illnesses experienced on the job.

To give you an idea of the real-life impact of Prop 22, Uber has provided more than half a million California drivers with landmark benefits, including more than $95 million in health care benefits to date.

Surveys show that California drivers value Prop 22, the protections it provides for independent work and a flexible schedule, and the benefits it delivers. In an independent survey among rideshare and delivery drivers who work with any major app-based company, nearly 9 in 10 (87%) support Prop 22. 


  • 88% of drivers said Prop 22 has been good for them.
  • More than 3 in 4 (76%) of drivers say Prop 22 “increased my pay.”
  • 75% of drivers prefer to be independent contractors, rather than employees.
  • 89% of drivers say it is very important that driving provides schedule flexibility.
  • 84% of drivers say other states should pass laws like Prop 22.
  • This is all why drivers support Prop 22 by more than a 6-to-1 margin.

In an economy where workers have many options, people continue to choose app-based work. That’s because it’s easy to get started, provides unique flexibility, and can help provide additional income in times of financial hardship. With Prop 22, California voters acknowledged the value of platforms like Uber, while strengthening app-based work with historic benefits and protections. It’s vital that California keeps Prop 22 in place so workers continue to have the benefits and protections they need and consumers have access to affordable, reliable transportation and food delivery.