With the unpredictability of 2020 shaking up everyday life, we know you’ve risen to the challenge. That’s why we’ve been busy building on-demand features that fit around your needs and priorities, all the while keeping safety at the forefront of your second first trip

You’ve also told us that knowing what to expect provides added peace of mind. We’ve taken notice, as scheduling trips on Uber has become increasingly popular during these uncertain times. 

So to unlock even more certainty when you use our services, we’re rolling out Uber Reserve next week starting in 20+ U.S. cities. This new ride experience provides you added control over your trip so you can focus on what matters the most.

Planning a Reserve Trip 

The Uber app has evolved beyond on-demand rides, to offer multiple services like delivery, grocery, and now Uber Reserve, all in one place. Just as we redesigned this app experience to save more of your most valuable asset – time – Reserve takes it to the next level. It helps you meet those moments that call for more assurance, like a doctor’s appointment, important meeting, or when you’re heading to the airport to meet a loved one.

Reserve offers the following:

  • A streamlined user experience where you can quickly and easily book your trip or see upcoming trip details. 
  • Advance Booking: You can schedule trips up to 30 days in advance, with your fare  presented upfront as usual. Note, you’ll need to book a Reserve trip more than two hours prior so our matching innovation can work its magic, drivers have enough time to respond, and you can access the full benefits.  
  • Upfront driver matching; After you request a trip, our technology offers it to interested drivers with whom you’ll connect in advance. This takes the guesswork out of who to expect at pickup, well before your Reserve trip starts. And if you’ve previously selected a Favorite Driver for their five-star service, your request will be offered to them first. 
  • Additional 15 minutes of waiting time: This means you’ll have ample flexibility around your departure if you need it.
  • On-time pickup guarantee: For all reservations made at least two hours in advance, your pickup time is backed by an on-time guarantee in which you’ll receive $50 in Uber Cash if your ride hasn’t arrived when scheduled. While we hope every ride starts as planned, we’re committed to making things right if your Reserve experience doesn’t meet expectations.

Planning for the Future, Today     

Reserve opens up even more possibilities for drivers to control how they earn on Uber’s platform. With more pre-planned options in addition to on-demand trips, drivers can select from offers that are best suited for their time on the road. 

Reserve requests will be claimed by drivers on a first-come, first-serve basis. And if they don’t wish to commit to Reserve trips, they don’t have to; it’s just one more option.

We’re really excited to launch Reserve next week, starting with premium Uber Black and Black SUV* rides, and it’s only the beginning. We’ll be bringing UberX, Comfort, and XL into the reservations experience by the end of year, so that these planned ride options are available at different price points. We’re also looking forward to using Reserve’s matching innovation to provide more customized rides that can be booked in advance–more on that soon.

In the meantime, calling all planners! This one’s for you.

Uber Reserve will be initially available in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Charleston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, D.C., Fort-Myers / Naples, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami,  Milwaukee, Nashville, New Jersey, New York City, New Orleans, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Seattle.  

*Uber Premier, Premier SUV in select markets.