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Independencia para los adultos mayores

We believe every senior should have access to great transportation options. We’re working to help make it happen.

Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the US population, and by 2030 one in every 5 Americans will be 65 or older. Many members of this demographic might find getting around increasingly more difficult, keeping them isolated from friends, family, and even medical providers. The right transportation options could be critical to maintaining their quality of life.

Source: United States Census Bureau, October 8, 2019


Instead of having to rely solely on family members or public transportation, seniors (whether they have smartphones or not) can use the Uber platform to get where they want to go on their own.

Empowering senior centers with Uber Health

Senior centers across the country can provide residents with rides through Uber Health, which can request, manage, and pay for rides without requiring seniors to sign up for an Uber account.

Pide un viaje para un ser querido

Con solo tocar un par de botones, puedes pedir un viaje para un ser querido, quien recibirá un mensaje con la información del vehículo y el número de teléfono del Socio Conductor, incluso si no tiene la app de Uber.

Trabajamos con Meals on Wheels

Since announcing our partnership with Meals on Wheels America in 2017, we have made a $1 million donation and led an annual volunteer drive in Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, where our employees, along with people who drive using the Uber app, helped package and deliver thousands of meals to seniors.