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Grow at Uber

Drive your growth

The Drive Your Growth philosophy is Uber's unique approach to development, designed to motivate and inspire employees to take the wheel and navigate their own personalized career path at Uber.

  • Get in the driver’s seat of your career

    Explore your options and choose where to focus, when to learn, and how to grow your skills.

  • Learn by doing

    Grow through on-the-job experience, stretch assignments, and Gigs (temporary internal roles across the company)—and learn in the flow of work.

  • Think climbing wall, not ladder

    Growth doesn’t equal promotion. Embrace new opportunities to help you find new paths to growth.

  • Learn from others

    You’re not alone. Leverage your team and your broader Uber network to help guide you along your journey.

  • Maximize your strengths

    Focus on leveraging your strengths to create better opportunities.

  • Give and receive feedback

    Timely feedback is the key to achieving your goals—and helping others achieve theirs.

  • The percentage of roles at Uber that were filled by an internal candidate in 2023.

  • The number of employees who transferred roles across Uber in 2023.

  • The number of employees who’ve participated in a Talent Marketplace opportunity since 2019.


Do anything

At Uber, people are encouraged to move around and explore new roles and teams as part of their career development journey—that’s why every open role is posted internally.

Because when it comes to your professional growth, we believe you should be in the driver’s seat, so you can choose where to focus, when to learn, and how to grow your skills.

Driving growth and making moves (literally)

Xiomara Esquiliano joined Uber in 2017 to help the Mexico City team schedule interviews. And in that role, she quickly found a passion for helping people achieve their dreams, so she became a Sourcer to help find Uber’s next generation of talent, and then a Recruiter to help them join the team. In 2021, she changed roles again, this time moving to San Francisco to take a role as a Program Manager for Tech. Xiomara is just one of literally thousands of Uber employees who choose to drive their growth and explore their internal mobility options at Uber. What will your growth story look like?

“In 6 years I've gone from being a strategy consultant and lawyer with no operations experience to leading operations and teams managing billions in revenue every year. I've had 5 deeply challenging, impactful and diverse roles spanning from helping leaders make bold business decisions, to working with cross-functional teams and policymakers to improve how ride hailing platforms are regulated, to improving customer experience and growing the breadth of our products.

A couple of years ago I got interested in learning about project management. I reached out to our local Project Manager to see if I could shadow and help him on a project. That led to me taking on a new Project Manager role now.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. We often don’t do things because we’re afraid of what will happen, so you just have to take the risk, even if you fail.”

Leaps of faith helped these Ops leaders change career paths

Our Operations teams are the backbone for our growth in EMEA, working on a diffuse daily problem set that can range from legal, to marketing, to product launch. To be successful, “you need to be a true T-shaped professional”, shares Georgii Sokolianskyi, who leads our EMEA Driver Operations team. “An expert in your field but also someone who can work with other functions easily.”

“The opportunities you can get at Uber are outstanding. Driving that is the sheer breadth of interesting problems to solve given our global presence, breadth of products, and scope of issues.

Uber’s learning philosophy is focused on learning by doing and Uber is willing to take bets on people. All of those factors combined means that the rate of learning and development is the best I’ve experienced in my career to date.

In 6 years I’ve gone from being a strategy consultant and lawyer with no operations experience to leading operations and teams managing billions in revenue every year.”

Try anything

At Uber, Gig projects connect managers who have a specific need with employees who want to try something new. Our Talent Marketplace then connects the 2, giving employees the chance to build new skills and experiences by dedicating about 15% of their time, for up to 3 months, to a team that needs their support.

7 years and 3 continents (and counting) with Uber

7 years at Uber have taken Robert all over the world. He launched Uber in Edinburgh and helped the rideshare service grow to 10,000 weekly trips in record time, and then he was mobilized to launch UberPool (Uber’s carpooling service, now called UberX Share) in London. From there, he elected to answer a call seeking strategy and operations experts, which took him to India for a 3-month immersive experience working on competitive strategy and pricing dynamics. Upon his return to London, he defined his own role optimizing service and experience across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. And in 2020, Robert relocated to San Francisco to help define Uber’s global strategy as the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the nature of mobility and delivery. Where will your journey take you?

“At Uber, there’s scope to go anywhere, be yourself, and ride the crest of the multiple waves that we create. This isn’t creating reports that nobody will ever read, or socially engineering endless scroll.

Our platform is used to move people, feed people, delight people, and enable millions of earners and merchants around the globe.

We’re a relatively small team creating an operating system for the physical world. Go anywhere, get anything. That’s what makes working at Uber so impactful. And we’re just getting started.”

Ty spent 6 months in Japan with Uber

When opportunity knocked with a 6-month short-term assignment in Japan, Ty, a Sydney based Uber Recruiter, jumped at the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream of living and working in Japan.

“I had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, develop my leadership skills and broaden my scope as I worked on roles outside of ANZ.

If you have the opportunity to go on a short-term assignment, I 100% recommend it!

You get to experience a new culture, learn a completely new market and share your knowledge and learnings with others."

From earner on Uber to full-time employee

After graduating from college, Tom Phillips was working part time in retail when he decided to invest in a car to start earning with Uber. "Making a positive financial impact for me reinforced the idea that I'd like to work for a company that could positively impact others as well." That experience opened his eyes to potential opportunities and he applied for a contract position on the Customer Support team which converted to a full-time opportunity. "My experience as a driver significantly helped me connect with our riders to provide the best support experience possible." Seven years later, Tom has made a big impact on a few different teams at Uber plus as the leader of our Hispanic Employee Resource Group, Los Ubers. He was recently promoted to a Program Manager on the Community Operations team.

“Ask for what you want but understand that you have to put the work in for yourself and not expect someone else to do it for you.

Find someone who can sponsor you and who is in your corner helping to empower you."

Opportunities everywhere. Go get it.

We're proud to be recognized by Comparably as a 2023 best company for career growth.


Looking to make your next career move? All open roles are posted on Uber’s internal job board, so people can move across teams, organizations, and even job types.


Moving from one city or country to another? If you move for a new role at an Uber office, we'll provide support and guidance every step of the way.

Try a Gig

Want to build new skills while supporting a team you've never worked with before? Employees can explore our Talent Marketplace for part-time projects, or Gigs, and spend 5–15% of their time building their skills in new places across Uber.

Take a short-term assignment

When the business need arises, we offer employees 3 to 12-month opportunities to work for Uber from a different location.