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Ride with confidence

The Uber platform was built with safety in mind. Through incident prevention tools, insurance coverage, and technology that keeps you connected, we’re dedicated to helping you move safely and focus on what matters most.

Norma de seguridad puerta a puerta

Estas nuevas medidas, impulsadas por la tecnología innovadora de Uber, fomentan la responsabilidad compartida, incluyen la orientación de expertos en salud y están diseñadas para ayudar a proteger la salud y la seguridad de todas las personas que usan nuestra plataforma.

  • Norma de seguridad puerta a puerta

    Nuevas medidas por tu seguridad y tu salud.

  • Estamos contigo

    Todos los usuarios y los conductores deberán usar una mascarilla o un tapabocas.

  • Verificación del uso de mascarilla

    Les pedimos a los conductores que se tomen una foto antes de comenzar a conducir y nuestra tecnología nos ayuda a asegurarnos de que llevan un tapabocas.

  • Suministros de salud y seguridad para los conductores

    Estamos trabajando para proporcionarles a los conductores y a los repartidores suministros de salud y seguridad, como mascarillas, desinfectantes y guantes para entregar pedidos de comida.

  • Consejos de expertos

    Estamos trabajando con la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) para compartir consejos de seguridad y recursos.

  • Comentarios sobre seguridad en los viajes

    Ahora podrás dejar comentarios sobre problemas de salud, p. ej., un conductor que no usa mascarilla ni tapabocas. Esto nos ayuda a mejorar y nos hace a todos responsables.


Designing a safer ride

Driver screenings

Before anyone can drive with Uber in the US, they must complete a background check. Current drivers continue to be vetted every year.

Features to help keep you safe

On every trip, you can tap a button for safety tools and get help whenever you need it.

An inclusive community

Through our joint efforts with cities and safety experts and by working together, we’re helping to create safe journeys for everyone.

Designing a safer ride

Always on the map

We have different processes to verify drivers when registering. Some include confirming their identity through official documents, plus documentation to confirm their vehicle registration.

Features to help keep you safe

On every trip, you can tap a button for safety tools and get help whenever you need it.

An inclusive community

Through our joint efforts with cities and safety experts and by working together, we’re helping to create safe journeys for everyone.

Drivers must clear several screenings

All potential driver-partners must complete a criminal background screening process before being approved to accept ride requests through the Uber app.

Peace of mind for where you're going

Safety features are designed into the app. So you get home after a night out. So you can tell your loved ones where you are. And so there’s help if something unexpected happens.*

Button to call the local authorities

Easily call local authorities in case of emergencies. The app displays your location and trip details, so you can quickly share them with authorities. Additionally, Uber will receive an alert to follow up on the incident.

24/7 incident support

Our customer support team is specially trained to respond to urgent safety issues.

Share My Trip

Set up your Trusted Contacts and create reminders to share your trip status with friends and family in real time.

Safety Center

Access Uber’s safety features all in one place in the app whenever you’re riding with us.

2-way ratings

Your feedback matters. Low-rated trips are logged, and users may be removed.

GPS tracking

All Uber rides are tracked by GPS from start to finish so there’s a record of your trip if something happens.


Using sensors and GPS data, RideCheck can help detect if a trip has an unexpected long stop. If so, we'll check on you and offer tools to get help.

Insurance on every trip

Leading auto insurance providers like Allstate, Farmers®, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive help protect you in the event of a covered accident.

Insurance on every trip

In addition to the local regulatory minimum insurance policy that drivers are required to have (if required by law), Uber contracts coverage to protect passengers and third parties during all trips made through the Uber app.

Check your ride, every time

Before you hop in, take a second to double-check the app for your driver’s information. Follow these 3 steps to make sure you get into the right car:

Step 1:

Match the license plate number.

Step 2:

Match the car make and model.

Step 3:

Check the driver's photo.

Strengthening our community

Our Community Guidelines were established to keep Uber enjoyable and inclusive for everyone. Any person who doesn’t follow the guidelines can be removed from the platform.

Safer journeys for everyone

Our commitment to safety goes beyond the app. We partner with leading organizations to help make roads safer and our cities stronger.

Listening to a Safety Advisory Board

Uber develops new processes and features with the help of leading experts from the fields of safety and security, women’s safety, civil rights, and road safety.

Partnering with public safety officials

Uber has an investigative team of former law enforcement professionals who offer immediate assistance to public safety officials in active cases.

Supporting disaster-relief efforts

Our team works with government officials and organizations like the Red Cross to support relief efforts on the ground.

More about safety

Driver safety

Drive when and where you want with confidence.

Our commitment to safety

You deserve to be able to move and earn safely.

*Certain requirements and features vary by region and may be unavailable.