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Easily send and receive deliveries with Uber

Arrange local, on-demand deliveries for you and your customers through Uber technology.

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We’re ready to help with your delivery needs

  • Delight retail customers

    Integrate with Uber delivery solutions to enable same-day deliveries to customers or between stores with partner drivers.

  • Keep repairs moving

    Quickly arrange express local delivery of components between your parts suppliers, wholesale accounts, and retail customers.

  • Transport documents

    Easily send and receive important documents and contracts through our dashboard.

  • Deliver pharmaceuticals

    Offer same-day delivery of over the counter medication by integrating with the Uber platform.

  • Impress restaurant customers

    Stand apart from the competition by offering restaurants an integrated delivery experience.


“Through this partnership with Uber, we are able to dramatically increase the availability of on-demand delivery of essential products.”

Talha Sattar, CEO, NimbleRx

Why make Uber part of your business


Same-day delivery means that delighting your customers with on-demand delivery is a quick and easy proposition—every time.

Real-time tracking

Know where your orders are and when they’re delivered. And the same for your customers: a same-day delivery window with real-time tracking gives them peace of mind.

Dependable service

Leveraging the power of the Uber app, we built a delivery network that your business can count on.

Your business is going places. We’re here to help.

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