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Welcome to Uber Central

Getting started is easy. This guide will help you get your team up and running in no time. Scroll down to learn more.

How to successfully launch Uber Central at your company

Get started in just three steps.

Announce to your team

Identify the people in your organization that will use Uber Central to request rides for others. Send them an announcement email with program details needed to get started. See sample communications below and feel free to share this onboarding site.

Invite your team to Uber Central

Once your team is informed, send them an invitation to join Uber for Business. To do this, visit the ‘People’ tab in the dashboard and click ‘Add Employee’ or "Import' to bulk upload a list of employees.

Launch Uber Central

Now that your team is all set up, it’s time to start requesting rides. You can monitor current and past trip activity on the Uber Central portal or in your Uber for Business dashboard. Collect feedback and share best practices across your team.

3 steps to start requesting rides for others

Once you're activated, you can start sending rides for guests.

Enter customer trip details

To request a ride on behalf of a customer or guest you will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Rider Name
  • Rider Mobile Phone Number
  • Rider pick-up location
  • Rider drop-off location
  • Vehicle class

Select the type of pickup you want

As an operator, you have two ways to arrange a ride for a guest or client:

  • On-Demand: Request an immediate ride for your rider
  • Flexible Pick-up: Request a ride that allows your rider to control the exact pick up time.

Track and report on guest rides

You’ll be able to monitor the trip status in the waiting for upcoming and active transit sections of the portal. You can click scheduled rides to edit trip details. And, you can see all previous rides in the "Past Trips" section.

Printable guides

Instructions for administrators

Find step-by-step instructions on how to activate your account and get your team setup.

Instructions for the team

Get your team up and moving, requesting rides for clients, guests or customers.

Tips and best practices

  • Make sure to verify your pickup and dropoff locations are valid.
  • Double check on a map if you're unsure.
  • Add a helpful note to the driver to make it easier to connect with the rider.
  • Make sure your rider is ready to go before requesting an Uber.
  • Drivers will only wait up to 5 minutes before cancelling a trip, which can result in a cancellation fee.
  • For best performance, use the Chrome browser and be sure to bookmark
  • Use ‘Save As Draft’ to save drafts and request a ride later, when the rider is ready to go.

See how other companies are using Uber Central

Hotel Angelino

Hotel Angeleno delivers an end-to-end premium traveler experience by using Uber Central to make getting around town elegant and seamless.

Pacific BMW

When a customer is servicing their vehicle, Pacific BMW uses Uber Central to drop off and pick up customers in style right from their service desk.

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