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Join a fleet in Lithuania

Get a car and start making money in Vilnius by driving for a fleet in your area. Joining a fleet is a quick and easy way to start driving.

Join a fleet to drive with Uber

Sign up to drive

Create, then activate your account online.

Join a fleet

Once you're approved to drive with Uber, connect with fleet owners in your area in person, on job websites, or through referrals.

Start driving

Just download the Uber driver app and start driving. The app connects you to riders, and gives you directions and 24/7 support.

Become a fleet owner

Put your cars to work by becoming a fleet owner. You make money for every trip your drivers complete. Get started by signing up, then adding your car (or cars) in the fleet dashboard. You can add drivers and manage your fleet using the UberFLEET app for Android.

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