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Uber for Business

Rides, meals, deliveries—the best of Uber scaled for businesses. Help us bring the power of our platform to companies across the globe.

Inside Uber for Business


Explore our Uber for Business teams

  • Our sales team builds strong relationships with our clients, and helps them build successful travel programs to improve the experiences of their employees and guests.

  • The Business Travel team works with businesses of all sizes to help move their employees everywhere they go and manage expenses with ease.

  • When businesses want to move their customers or guests, they turn to our guest products team. Through guest products, businesses can cover the fare and deliver reliable rides to and from their location.

  • Our engineering team solves unique challenges for both the rider and businesses, providing seamless experiences for travel managers and travelers alike.

  • Care begins with getting there. The Uber Health team helps healthcare organizations provide rides for those they care for, while remaining HIPAA-compliant.

  • Uber for Business’s global team brings solutions everywhere Uber is available.

  • We are product marketers, growth professionals, content creators, and demand generators working together to share the story of Uber’s power for businesses globally.

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