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Uber Eats

Whether it’s a sandwich, a burrito, or groceries, the Uber Eats team builds technology to connect people with what they want, when and where they want it.

Inside Uber Eats


Explore our Uber Eats teams

  • We build the code behind the products that millions of delivery-partners, eaters, and restaurants use. We’re focused on making Uber Eats faster, safer, and more reliable, by building scalable software solutions.

  • Our team of creative and strategic minds drives demand for the business while building meaningful relationships and a sense of community across our consumers, restaurants and delivery-partners. Our goal is to elevate the Uber Eats brand in the hearts and minds of consumers and customers, globally.

  • We are on the frontline introducing restaurant partners to Uber Eats and partnering with restaurants to grow our businesses together.

  • Every day, Data Science is making Eats more popular and convenient, and its operations more efficient and reliable using data analysis and modeling.

  • Our Design team crafts functional and delightful user experiences for consumers, restaurants, and consumers—on screen and in the real world—and helps set a people-centric long term vision for Eats. We are an interdisciplinary team including product designers, writers, and researchers.

  • You will envision and execute on new products or product features in order to accelerate the trajectory of Uber Eats globally in a matter of months, not years.

  • Uber Eats empowers our regional and local teams through insights, analysis, and thought leadership.

Come reimagine with us